Women’s Rights Rally Targets State Republicans

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As state Republicans push legislation meant to decrease the amount of abortions performed in the state, pro-choice activists are speaking out. They're calling the actions of state legislators "Alabama's War on Women."

About 16 pieces of legislation are moving through the state house and senate that critics say would affect women's reproductive rights.

To fight back, these women's rights activists aren't only putting their message on signs, but on the senate floor.

Pippa Abston started a grassroots movement by drafting a bill that would limit the state's ability to regulate medical practice.

The Right To Professional Medical Judgment Act, or SB 413,  is sponsored by Democratic Senator Linda Coleman and has already gained nine co-sponsors.

'It's very simple. It doesn't say anything about abortion, it doesn't say anything about ultrasounds, " explained Abston. "It says physicians can't be forced by the state to do medically unnecessary things or things that would hurt people if the patients don't want to have them done."

Sunday's rally is just one of many to come.

On April 28th people across Alabama will once again gather in Montgomery. It will be part of a nationwide day of protest against state and national anti-abortion legislation.

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