Hazel Green Shines In Weight Meet

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Weight meet was big success for Trojan Nation. 8 teams participated: HGHS, Huntsville High, Fort Payne, Madison County, Butler, Thorsby, Geraldine, and Ider.
3 lifts judged: Bench Press, Power Clean and parallel squat

Top 3 teams were:
1st Hazel Green
2nd Ider
3rd Huntsville

top 5 bench press:
1. Cole Peyton HGHS 380
2. Hunter Townlan Ider 310
3. Lorenzo Gurley HGHS 305
4. Jordan Chunn MCHS 290
5. Josh Burnett HGHS 285

top 3 power clean
1. Conor Breedan HGHS 315
2. Michael Davis Geraldine HS 285
3. Josh Burnett HGHS 280
4. Tanner Hartline FPHS 280
5. Hunter Townlan Ider, Justin Lea Ider, Jordan Chunn MCHS, Mitchell Warren 275

top 3 squat:
1st Latrez Wike HGHS 500
2nd Mark Maonsky Huntsville 475
3rd Josh Burnett HGHS 470
4th Cole Peyton HGHS 465
5th Michael Davis Geraldine HS 455

129lbs and below:
1st place Levi Goolesby Ider
2nd place Antoine Greene Hazel Green
3rd place Cole Butler Madison County HS
4th Alan Haygood MCHS
5th Chazz Ingle Fort Payne HS
6th Jake Hovis HGHS

1st Josh Simpson Ider
2nd Dustin Mims Thorsby
3rd Devonte Fletcher Huntsville High
4th Joshua Christmas HHS
5th Nate Melton MCHS
6th Nick Mereno HGHS

145 to 159
1st Latrez Wike HGHS
2nd LaQuanre Bone MCHS
3rd Lewis Hall HGHS
4th Kevin Owens THS
5th Cedric Douglas HGHS
6th Jake Heymer HGHS

1st Joe Ewing HGHS
2nd Dane Block HHS
3rd Kennedy Obiyor HGHS
4th Luke Powell Geraldine HS
5th Carlos Campu THS
6th Jake Barrett HHS

1st Josh Burnett HGHS
2nd Michael Davis Geraldine HS
3rd Jaylin Hardin HGHS
4th Austin Lock HHS
5th Jacob Graham Geraldine HS
6th Garrett Hyatt Geraldine HS

1st Bryan Lowam HGHS
2nd Everett Lanier HGHS
3rd Dean White FPHS
4th Ethan Durham Ider
5th Andrew Isbell FPHS
6th Marquise Beene HGHS

1st Jordan Chunn MCHS
2nd Conor Breeden HGHS
3rd Mitch Pridgen HGHS
4th Alex Nicholson HGHS
5ht Justin Teets HHS
6th Justin Abernathy IDER

1st Lorenzo Gurley HGHS
2nd Tanner Hartline FPHS
3rd Msrk Maonsky HHS
4th Brent Overton THS
5th Mitchell Warren HHS
6th Devin Andrews HGHS

1st Cole Peyton HGHS
2nd Justin Lea Ider
3rd Cody Swanson Ider
4th Jordan Terry FPHS
5th Travis Knight HGHS
6th Shawn Betz HGHS

260 and up
1st Hunter Townlan Ider
2nd Cortney Toney HHS
3rd Jarrett Waldon HGHS
4th Anthony Jones HGHS
5th TJ Mastin HGHS
6th Alex Gilliland GHS

top 5  lifters:
1st Cole Peyton HGHS 1095 total
2nd Josh Burnett HGHS 1035
3rd Latrez Wike HGHS 1020
4th Hunter Townlan Ider 1025
5th Jordan Chunn MCHS 1010

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