School System Announces Surplus, New Principal Contracts

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The Huntsville City School Board approved a resolution to add more money into a reserve account. The board also made some decisions on the employment of a few principals.

Huntsville City Schools finished the last school year in the hole. The district's chief financial officer says the almost $20 million debt is now gone.

Frank Spinelli has counted a surplus of about $3 million. He says it's now time to build up the district's reserve fund.

Spinelli showed board members the amount of money spent on technology in schools. The presentation also detailed a reimbursement of more than $1 million.

'It means the district is going in the right direction. We`re growing toward a one-month reserve which the state mandates," said Spinelli.

Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski announced a resolution explaining a process to get the one-month reserve in place by the end of fiscal year 2013.

There were also some changes in principals at the board meeting. Board members extended the contracts for principals of Blossomwood and Morris Elementary schools. The board also approved new deals for the principals of Huntsville and Whitesburg Middle Schools.

The school system did say goodbye to another principal.  Kurus Jamison resigned as principal of Davis HIlls Middle School.

"I think he has some other opportunities that have come on the radar. He is interested in those. I believe he is going to pursue those opportunities," said Dr. Wardynski.

The school board did approve a new contract for the principal of Lakewood Middle School, but changed some portions of his role. The superintendent would not get into any of the specifics.