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Morgan County Marijuana Grow House Raided

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The Morgan County Sheriff's Office and the Morgan County Drug Task Force raided a major marijuana grow house late Wednesday night.

"We believe this has been in operation for at least two to three growth cycles from the information that we have been obtaining through this investigation," said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin. "The evidence that we have seized today has indicated that we have produced at least within the last two to three months approximately 250 to 300 thousand dollars street value of marijuana."

Investigators discovered the supplier of high-grade marijuana at 206 Bob White Drive in southwest Decatur.

"We have seen maybe one other grow like this in Decatur in my experience as a narcotics officer and that was probably 6 or 8 years ago," said Sheriff Franklin.

When officers entered the home, they found it had been gutted and modified for an indoor grow. It was equipped with foil-lined walls, large heating and cooling units and special lighting.

Decatur Utilities crews were called to the scene to help dismantle the extensive electrical work, which bypassed the meters.

"We have a huge problem with meth labs. This is a different kind of lab," said Sheriff Franklin. "This is also equally as dangerous as far as to the community that's here as far as explosion, fire hazard, that kind of thing that's in here."

Investigators found multiple plants, including harvested plants and pounds of dry product. They also discovered a computer detailing business records that showed sales didn't just take place locally, but nationally.

"This is not a single person operating a little bit of marijuana that they're running," said Sheriff Franklin. "This has to be multiple parties trafficking and distributing from a hub inside Morgan County that we have been talking about for years here and this is an example of that."

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is searching for at least two people in connection to the house. One of the suspects is a prior felon who was previously deported.