More Than A Thousand X-Rays Stolen From Huntsville Hospital

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Police are investigating an X-Ray heist that occurred at Huntsville Hospital last week.

Two 55-gallon barrels of X-Rays were stolen after people posed as employees of a company that picks up and discards old X-Rays for Huntsville Hospital.

The scam was discovered the very next day when the real representatives showed up to collect the barrels.

Fortunately the X-Rays didn’t contain any identifying information other than the name and birth date of the patient. Instead, hospital officials believe the thieves want to melt the X-Rays to extract silver to then sell.

The X-Rays stolen last week could yield an estimated $1200 in silver.

While police try to track down the thieves, hospital officials are reviewing their security policies and procedures.

“We certainly hope the police will find the people who did this so it doesn’t happen elsewhere,” said hospital spokesman Burr Ingram. “We’re doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen here again.”

Hospital employees were able to give police the license plate number and description of the thieves. An investigation is underway.