Grissom To Host Southern Soccer Challenge

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Grissom is hosting the Southern Soccer Challenge and several teams from across the state and beyond will be participating. We have teams travelling from all of the country to compete in the heat with the South’s top soccer talent. Please support local high school soccer and provide media coverage for the 2012 Southern Soccer Challenge.

The Southern Soccer Challenge uses a unique format that allows the eight participating teams to play for a tournament championship, while preserving the aspect of a 3 game maximum and guarantee for the weekend.

Teams have been pared for qualifying games on Friday night. Based on the results of the Friday night qualifying games, semi-final placements will be determined, with the winners advancing to the Cup Championship semi-finals, and losers being placed in the Medal Championship semi-finals.

Winners from the semi-finals will advance to the respective Cup or Medal Championship matches, with the losers playing a consolation match.

Every match must end with a winner. Teams will play two, forty min halves. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play the teams will play a five minute Golden Goal over time period. If still matches that still tied after 2 Golden Goal periods will be determined by penalty kicks from the mark.

The format and quality of the teams participating should ensure a weekend of exciting soccer matches for all to enjoy!

Please come out and support your local teams!

For more information  please visit the Grissom soccer website:

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