Law Enforcement Meet With TVA To Discuss Patrols, Officers Leave With Questions

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Members of law enforcement say they are upset with TVA’s announcement to stop patrols, leaving this duty up to area police departments and sheriff’s departments.

After meeting for the first time to discuss the new arrangement Friday afternoon, some agencies say they still have questions.

David Jolley, Vice President of Police and Physical Security, says an armed guard will still be at all facilities for any on-site safety issues.

“If something is bigger than we can handle, we hope local law enforcement would come help, just like they would,” said Jolley.

Jolley explains this solution comes as the only option to save the utility giant money.

Then during a question and answer session with news reporters, Jolley takes off the media’s microphones.

“I thought we were going to take a break?”  Jolley questions.

Jolley then unexpectedly walks away from the podium.

After a TVA briefing, the doors were closed and the media was asked out.  Officials say law enforcement was suppose to discuss homeland security issues, issues too sensitive for the public`s knowledge.

But during the meeting members of law enforcement questioned the motive behind the meeting.

“Are we here today to discuss homeland security measures?” questioned Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray.

Chief Ray says for a meeting called to clear the air, he left with many unanswered questions.

“Are we trying to hide something from our citizens?” questioned Ray.

Questions he hopes gets answered before his officers expand patrols to protect TVA grounds too.

With the change, TVA officials say more than 60 people will lose their jobs within the Tennessee Valley Authority police force.