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Russellville Firefighters Install Smoke Detectors For Elderly and Low Income Residents

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When smoke fills your home every second counts.  A smoke detector can be your first line of defense in a fire but some homes don’t have one.

Now the Russellville Fire Department is taking matters into their own hands by installing them, for the residents.

In just a matter of minutes a new smoke detector gets installed.  Firefighter Jody Hitt says it’s a quick process that will have lasting impacts.

“It`s a good tool, it’s cheap, and it`s just a real good tool to have in your home for fire safety,” said Hitt.

Hitt joined the department 13 years ago, but has recently seen several deadly fires.  According to Hitt, in just the past four years, there’s been six deaths from fires, inside Russellville city limits.  The firefighter calls these deaths a preventable tragedy.

“Once we made entry, as part of our investigation we look to see if they had one or if it did work, or whatever, and they didn`t have them,” said Hitt.

That’s why, during the next few days, firefighters will canvas the streets of Russellville, trying to visit as many homes as possible.

“Don`t be scared the fire department is showing up, we`re there to help you,” said HItt.

These smoke alarms come with a battery expected to last ten years, giving families an added protection when smoke and flames start to fill their home.

The Russellville fire department is paying for the smoke detectors through a federal grant.