Jackie Reed Jumps Into Huntsville Mayoral Race

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Huntsville resident and longtime community activist Jackie Reed is joining Tommy Battle and Loretta Spencer in the race for Huntsville Mayor.

Reed is no stranger to running for office. This will be her seventh time running for Huntsville mayor. She has run for city council five times and once for the state legislature.  But after years of running for public office, Reed remains hopeful.

"I just, I care. I care about this city," said Reed. "I care about these people."

For over 20 years she's assumed her seat at city council meetings and budget hearings. While elected officials change, Reed has been a fixture in city government.

"My friends and people on the street have been calling me the mayor for the past 15 years. I've carried the title and I'm not getting paid for it and I'm not sitting in the seat," Reed joked.

Her platform is to eliminate government waste, better allocate city funds, and, most importantly to her, listen to what the people of Huntsville really want.

"I hear everywhere I walk, 'Ms. Reed, they're not doing this, they're not doing that'," said Reed.  "We need to have a communications center taking complaints. We need to be focusing more on public services."

Reed has yet to formally file to run for Mayor. She is in the process of fundraising.

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