Madison County Poll Workers To Use iPads In Primaries

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Madison County poll workers for the March 13th primaries will get to use iPads to check their voter rolls.

It's a big leap forward in technology for polling places, but it's part of a grander, hi-tech vision for voting.

Madison County Probate Judge Tommy Ragland explains, "These iPads were purchased through the HAVA, Help America Vote Act, and it's a grant.  It was not an expenditure out of the county budget."

It should help with the quick set up and take down of polling places.  Ragland says most don't even have phones set up in the areas where people vote.

So the iPad provides an easy, mobile upgrade.

Ragland says, "A telephone is part of the iPad, so each precinct will have that to communicate to our elections people."

Plus, if the iPad says you're at the wrong voting spot, it can point you in the right direction.

Ragland says, "The voters list will be on there.  If they are not to vote at that polling place, it will give them instructions and directions on which polling place they're supposed to vote at."

So the upgrade in technology should help upgrade your voting experience too.

Tommy Ragland adds, "We're hoping to get a lot of uses out of it."

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