St. Jude’s Huntsville Clinic Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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Doctors, hospital administrators, patients, and their families gathered at Huntsville Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion to celebrate St. Jude’s Huntsville Clinic’s fifth year of treating patients.

The clinic treats young patients who suffer from cancer or blood diseases.

Before the clinic started treating patients five years ago, “Families would have to drive for hours back and forth to Memphis or sometimes move to Memphis, which means moms and dads have to be split up,” says Clinic Director Carolyn Russo.  “The child who has cancer is separated from their brothers and sisters, so we provide a way that they still get high quality care, but can get it close to home in a convenient manner.”

The clinic is proud of its progress and looks forward to the future.

Russo says, “We’re really excited that our clinic has grown as much as it has over the last five years.  In the last year, we’ve doubled the number of patients that we can care for in our clinic, and we hope to just continue that.”

The clinic takes great care to make treatment feel as much like home as possible.

But today they celebrate that patients can return to their actual homes as soon as that treatment is over.

Huntsville Hospital’s Director of Children’s Services Cathy Hubler says, “If we can, again, keep the kids here in their community where they can get their treatment yet still be part of their family life, then that’s what we really want to do.”