Sobakawa Pillow A Deal; Sobakawa Infomercial A Dud

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By Greg Screws
12:00 a.m. CDT, August 10, 2011

Another infomercial got our attention this week. Last week it was the EZMoves Furniture Pads which claimed you could not only move bookshelves but also a car.  We pointed out that, while the EZMoves could move furniture easily, moving a car wasn't it.  We showed where the infomercial was a bit misleading because the wheels were up on what appeared to be wooden blocks. Without the wheels off the ground, it would be impossible to use the EZMoves jack to get the pads under the wheels. And if you did get them under a wheel, there wasn't any way a car would move just by sliding it on the EZMoves Furniture Pads.

We have a similar situation this week.

It's the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow. First off, the pillow is fine.  It's filled with what's called "Microfiber Air Beads." The beads make a mess so don't cut the pillow open like we did.   If you like a supersoft pillow, this pillow is for you.

But the infomercial shows a 10 lb. weight being dropped through a tube filled with the Sobakawa Beads and protecting eggs on the bottom of the tube. The infomercial shows the weight being dropped through feathers and memory foam and crushing the eggs. The theory is the Sobakawa components protected the eggs. We tried it and it didn't work. We did it three times, three eggs a try, and broke eight eggs.

We give the Sobakawa Pillow a "Deal." We give the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Infomercial a "Dud."