Porta-Jump a Dud With an *Asterisk

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By Greg Screws
12:00 a.m. CDT, September 7, 2011

We found the Porta-Jump at Target for $32.   The premise is that you have a single unit with a connector that plugs into the Porta-Jump and into the car’s cigarette lighter. If the battery won’t crank the car, you can use the Porta-Jump to crank the car. You put it in the cigarette lighter for 10 minutes and it cranks the car.

We tried it on a vehicle that we drained the battery. We drained it just enough where it wouldn’t start. We plugged the Porta-Jump in, as directed for ten minutes, and it didn’t come close to starting. We tried it for another ten minutes and it still wouldn’t start.  The packaging says the Porta-Jump comes charged and should be ready to go.

It wasn’t. We make the Porta-Jump a Dud.  We contacted the company to ask what, if anything we did wrong, but we haven’t heard back. If we need to update the story, we will.

The Porta-Jump, again, cost $32.  You can buy a heavy-duty portable car charger for about $50.00.   Our producer Sarah, found one for about $30 at a major discount store.

There are better options out there, it appears, than the Porta-Jump.