‘Eggie’ A Dud. But If You Disagree…

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By Greg Screws
12:00 a.m. CDT, September 28, 2011


First, I don't like boiled eggs. So, testing the "Eggie" was taking one for the team.  The Eggie is a plastic container that comes in four pieces that you can use to boil an egg.

You put the top and bottom half together, use a collar to tighten them together and make them airtight. You break an egg and pour it into the Eggie, and the screw the top on.  You put the Eggie into the boiling water.

After the time indicated by the directions, you take it out, unscrew the collar, pop the halves apart, and then the boiled egg is supposed to come out.

I rated the Eggie a Dud.  The reason is, the Eggie overcomplicates the process of boiling an egg.  To boil an egg, you need a pot, water, a stove, and an egg.  Using the Eggie, you add about twelve steps to the process.

If you disagree with me making the Eggie a Dud, email me at greg.screws@whnt.com and tell me why. I can come to your house and have you show me how your Eggie works.  The Eggie cost us $9.99.