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Another EZ Charge Product Rates a ‘DUD’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
By Greg Screws
ReporterNovember 9, 2011

The EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM did not test well.  But before we wade into why we made the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM a Dud, we need to step back a few weeks.

Back in September, we tested an item called the "Portajump" for Deal or Dud.   The Portajump was a device, about the size of a Honey Bun, that you plugged into the cigarette lighter.  The claim was if you had a a dead battery, you plugged it in the cigarette lighter and it would crank your car.

It didn't work.  Multiple attempts to start a dead car didn't work.

We rated the Portajump a Dud. We asked anybody that had one, and it worked, to call us and show us.

Back to the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM.   The EZ Charge is put out by Sharper Image. It's a bigger name company so that did raise our expectations.  It cost $19.99.  The low cost then lowered our expectations.  You usually get what you pay for.

The difference with the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM is that it has two connectors.  You plug one into the cigarette lighter of the dead car, and one into the cigarette lighter of the good car.

The directions have a breakdown on how long to use the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM depending on what your car is doing.   We carefully ran the battery down on a news rig, and tried to crank it back up.

The directions say use it for 15 minutes. We tried it for 28 minutes.  The car never came close to cranking. Again, the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM cost $19.99.  I bought jumper cables at a giant discount outlet that we all know for $7.99.   Also, you can go to a car parts store and buy a charged battery with cables that crank your car without anyone's help.

I do want to see one of these products that works. If you have one, and you can make it work, email me at so I can arrange for a test.

But until I see this work, the EZ CHARGE JUMP START SYSTEM is a Dud.