“Incredible” Cleaner A Mixed Bag

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(Story aired January 4, 2012)

Several weeks ago, we tried the Wineout cleaner which claimed to get red wine out of clothes. It didn't work very good.  It got the wine out immediately. But it left another stain.    The directions to Wineout said, to then, wash the clothes and that would finish the process of getting the stain out.

But it didn't work.

We washed a shirt twice that had a fresh wine stain on it.  It still had a stain after the washing.

Shortly after we got an email about a product called "Incredible."   You have to give them credit for naming their product. Incredible claims to get a multitude of stains out of a multitude of products.

So, we bought the Incredible for $5.99 and gave it a try.  It got red wine stains out of carpet quick and easy.

The shirt was a different story.  It did the same thing Wineout did. It replaced the red wine stain with another stain that did not come out with multiple washings.

So, it's a mixed bag for Incredible.    It got wine out of carpet but not out of shirts.