YouTube Selects Space Camp to Bring Awareness to International Contest

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Kids may not be able to travel in space any time soon but their ideas can, as part of the new Space Lab contest from YouTube.

Tech giant Google, which owns YouTube, chose Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama as a launching point for the new project. Wednesday morning, Google representatives were on-site speaking to media about Space Lab and the goal of getting children interested in science.

From now until December 14th students age 14-18 will be able to upload short videos at describing ideas for experiments in space. Project organizers are looking primarily for the best ideas in physics and biology.  Zahaan Bharmal, a Google marketing manager who came up with the Space Lab idea, insists scientific standards will be upheld.

“We’re looking for the same good science that a science teacher would want from students in the classroom. We’re looking for imagination, creativity, passion This is a once in a life time opportunity,” Bharmal said.

A prestigious panel of scientists, astronauts and educators including renowned professor Stephen Hawking will judge Space Lab entries along with YouTube community members’ input. Regional finalists will gather in Washington D.C. in March of next year to experience a Zero-G flight.

Two global winners will have their experiments conducted aboard the International Space Station and streamed live worldwide via YouTube.

“We hope that final live stream is going to be just about the world’s largest, coolest scientific classroom ever,” Bharmal said.

Space Camp leaders were thrilled to have Google at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center promoting the contest. They’re hoping the exposure will attract more global interest in Space Camp and the shared mission of inspiring young children to look to the cosmos with wonder.

“This community is a world class leader when it comes to technology and that’s what this whole thing is about,” Space Camp spokesman Tim Hall explained, “It’s about technology for children teaching children to be more involved in math and science.”

For inspiration and examples students eager to enter the Space Lab contest can visit YouTube’s education channel, which offers educational videos from educators of all subjects and levels. Complete contest details are available at YouTube’s Space Lab Channel.