Thursday Morning, March 23, 2017
Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson/Meteorologist Ben Smith

A cooler start this morning, next wave of heavy storms on the horizon


March brings many weather variations, and the past 24 hours prove it!  Temperatures fell from a high of 85ºF (warmest all year so far) Tuesday to a high of 65ºF on Wednesday; we stick with the mid-60s again for today after a chilly morning with lows as low as the upper 30s in some of the colder pockets of Alabama and Tennessee.

Expect more ups and downs in the days ahead, and we also see a threat of more stormy weather on the horizon: potentially-severe storms develop nearby on Saturday.

By the way, if you missed our pals from Barkley Bridge Elementary in Hartselle on Wednesday evening, catch up on the Kidcam here: Barkley Bridge Kindergarten Kidcam!

What to expect from weekend storms: This storm system still has some uncertainties, but new data clears up some of the mystery.  A potent, slow-moving upper-air system helps push a cold front toward the Tennessee Valley on Friday and Saturday.

Ahead of that front, it gets breezy and warmer: highs in the 70s on Friday and Saturday.  We also see a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms as early as Friday night and Saturday morning; however, the chance of stronger storms may hold off until Saturday afternoon and evening.

Expect adjustments to the timing and intensity (Storm Prediction Center risk areas/levels) in coming days; there are no guaranteed answers right now to help you plan out an hour-by-hour Saturday.  We can say with good certainty that we will at least have rain in the area: on-again, off-again showers and thunder most of the day Saturday.

Sunday through early week: Rain and storms may linger into Sunday morning, but most of it heads out by Sunday afternoon.  Total rainfall from Saturday and Sunday downpours could add up to as much as 0.75″ to 1.50″ in all.

Daytime highs hit the mid-70s on Sunday with partial sunshine.

Another fast-moving storm system moves into the Valley on Monday and Tuesday bringing another chance of some locally-heavy showers and storms.  Afternoon highs stay in the 70s; lows only bottom out in the 50s and 60s.

Tennessee Valley Forecast:

TODAY: Partly to mostly cloudy and mild from Huntsville westward; it will be much cooler under a cloudy sky over northeast Alabama (50s).  High: 66.  Wind: SE 10-20.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy and chilly.  Low: 49.  Wind: SE 5-10.

FRIDAY: Partly to mostly sunny, warm and generally dry.  Some showers are possible late Friday night.  High: 72.  Wind: SE 10-15.  Rain: 10% (late).

SATURDAY: Breezy, warm and humid.  Showers and some storms more likely, but there is still some uncertainty in the timing.  High: 73.  Wind: S 10-20.  Rain: 60%.

SUNDAY: Showers/thunder in the morning.  Partly to mostly cloudy and warmer.  High: 74.  Wind: SW 5-10.  Rain: 20%.

MONDAY: A few showers possible.  Partly sunny, warm and humid.  High: 76.  Wind: S 5-10.  Rain: 40%.

TUESDAY: Rain and storms likely.  High: 75.  Wind: S 10-20.  Rain: 60%.