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Wednesday Afternoon, August 24, 2016
Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson

Hot, humid weather sticks with us, tropical system may have some influence soon

Showers slim-to-none this evening, warm and humid

Showers slim-to-none this evening, warm and humid

Huntsville International’s official reporting station showed 97ºF around 2:30 PM; whether your backyard thermometer was close to that or not, it’s been a hot day! This kind of hot, humid weather goes nowhere fast. In fact, we expect it to be this hot if not a little hotter each day through the weekend.

Watch out for a few spotty downpours this evening. Temperatures drop to the mid-70s overnight with some patchy fog, then it gets hot again on Thursday: mid-90s with a “feels like” temperature around 100ºF to 105ºF in the middle of the afternoon. The chance of a storm is very low: only 10% Thursday through 8 PM. Spotty storms are a little more likely Friday, but we don’t expect the same kind of weather we had last Friday for this week’s high school games.

Futurecast "feels like" temps Thursday afternoon

Futurecast “feels like” temps Thursday afternoon

Football Friday Update: There are four high school games in the Tennessee Valley Thursday evening: Huntsville @ Decatur, West Morgan @ East Limestone, West Morgan @ Priceville and Asbury @ Woodville. We can’t rule out a few isolated thunderstorms Thursday evening, but the heat will be the bigger problem. Expect temperatures in the upper 80s at kick-off with a 10% chance of an isolated storm; it only drops to the lower 80s in the fourth quarter.

Friday night’s games bring a slightly higher chance of some scattered storms early on, but most stadiums will be dry. Be sure to check out the Football Friday section at for all you need to know about this week’s games including some specific game forecasts.

Weekend Outlook: Hot and humid. That’s the weekend forecast in three words! A few spotty showers or storms are possible both days, and remember, any single storm can drop a lot of rain over small areas! They can also bring intense lightning and gusty winds, so be sure you bookmark’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19 to get the latest information on spotty heavy storms.

2016 99-L Tropical Track with spaghetti plotsTropical trouble from Invest 99-L? Before a system gets a name, it gets a number. A strong but relatively disorganized disturbance near the Lesser Antilles designated as Invest 99-L has a good chance at becoming Tropical Storm Hermine between now and the weekend.

Some guidance suggests this could cross Florida and become a Gulf of Mexico problem next week. If you have beach plans to the Gulf or Atlantic Coast for this weekend into next week, be sure you check the forecast for your specific area to know if/when this system may affect your travels.

Tennessee Valley Forecast:

THIS EVENING: Partly cloudy and hot! A few stray showers lingering east of I-65 through 7 PM. Wind: SSE 3-5. Rain: Less than 10%.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy, warm. Patchy fog in low-lying areas. Low: 74. Wind: SE 2-5.

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and warm in the morning, becoming very hot in the afternoon. Highs in the mid-90s, but heat index values reach the low 100s. A stray shower cannot be ruled out, but much of the area will be more dry than wet. High: 95. Wind: S 3-5. Rain: 10%.

THURSDAY NIGHT: A few clouds, mild. Low: 74. Wind: Light.

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and warm in the morning, becoming very hot in the afternoon. Highs in the mid-90s, but heat index values reach the low 100s. A few isolated showers in the afternoon. High: 95. Wind: ENE 3-5. Rain: 20%.

FRIDAY NIGHT: A few scattered storms around for high school football games. Warm and very muggy. Low: 75. Wind: Light East. Rain: 10%.

SATURDAY: Very hot and humid with a few widely scattered storms in the afternoon and evening. Any single storm can produce a lot of rain over a small area! High: 96. Wind: E 5-10. Rain: 10%.

SUNDAY: Partly to mostly sunny, hot and humid. Feels like temps near 100ºF. A slim chance of a shower or storm; the few that form could become briefly heavy. High: 94. Wind: SE 6-12. Rain: 20%.

MONDAY: Sunny and hot with a slim chance of a few spotty afternoon showers and storms. High: 93. Wind: E 5-10. Rain: 10%.

TUESDAY: Some sun, some clouds, and still hot! A few scattered showers/storms possible in the afternoon and early evening. High: 93. Wind: E 6-12. Rain: 10%.

WEDNESDAY: Hot and humid. A few isolated showers or storms in the afternoon. The breeze picks up as a tropical system to the south gets closer to the coastline. High: 92. Wind: ENE 10-15. Rain: 10%.

THURSDAY: Hot with a few spotty showers and storms. Breezy. High: 93. Wind: ENE 10-15. Rain: 10%.

FRIDAY: A slightly better chance of some widely scattered storms; rainfall looks spotty and very uneven. High: 94. Wind: ENE 6-12. Rain: 30%.


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