Saturday Morning, April 21, 2018

Good-looking Saturday, soaking wet Sunday

Another weekend is upon us, and another chance of rain means at least half of the weekend looks rainy. ‘Rainy’ might even be an understatement for what we expect on Sunday: more like an ‘all day soaker.’ A slow-moving storm system brings rain in on Sunday and leaves clouds and showers in the forecast through at least the first half of next week.

Saturday & Sunday specifics: Wake-up weather Saturday looks crisp and cool (40s), and it warms up quickly into the lower and middle 70s with a fair sky and light southeast wind. Saturday is totally dry, but Sunday is the exact opposite.

Showers begin Sunday morning, and the rain becomes more widespread, persistent and heavy as the day progresses. The heaviest rainfall comes Sunday evening through early Monday morning, and in all, we could see a few spots getting more than 1” to 2” of total rainfall by midday Monday.

While it might not rain every minute of the day Sunday, there is a good chance of light to moderate rainfall from as early as 4 AM throughout the day.

Showers slow to leave: The pattern developing for the first half of next week keeps a good chance of showers in the forecast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: mostly light rain.

Cloudy, occasionally wet weather means temperatures stay below average for this time of year (especially in the afternoons). Expect highs in the 60s and lows in the 50s through Wednesday. Thursday brings the only 0% chance of rain we see for next week, and then more showers are likely with a cold front on Friday.

Tennessee Valley Forecast:

SATURDAY:  Clear and chilly in the morning, becoming partly cloudy and mild with a steady afternoon breeze. A few stray showers possible late in the evening. High: 75. Wind: SE 7-12.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Increasing cloud cover and breezy. Scattered showers move in after midnight. Low: 52. Wind: ESE 10-15. Rain: 10%.

SUNDAY: Cloudy with widespread heavy rain showers. Breezy and cool. High: 63. Wind: ESE 15-20. Rain: 100%.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Scattered heavy rain showers continue; breezy and cool. Low: 54. Wind: ESE 10-15. Rain: 80%.

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy and cool with widespread rain showers. High: 65. Wind: E 10-15. Rain: 60%.

MONDAY NIGHT: Cloudy and cool with scattered rain showers. Low: 53. Wind: E 7-12. Rain: 60%.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy with off and on rain showers. High: 66. Wind: NE 7-12. Rain: 40%.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Cloudy and cool with scattered showers. Low: 51. Wind: N 5-10. Rain: 40%.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with lingering scattered rain showers. High: 66. Wind: NW 7-12. Rain: 40%.

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and dry. High: 70. Wind: NW 7-12.

FRIDAY: Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. High: 71. Wind: SW 5-10. Rain: 60%.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and cool for late April. A few light showers possible early in the day. High: 68. Wind: WNW 5-10. Rain: 20%.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy and warmer. High: 77. Wind: SW 5-10. Rain: 10%.

MONDAY: Partly cloudy and dry. High: 75. Wind: SE 5-10.