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Friday Afternoon, July 1, 2016
Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson

Hot and humid with a few stray storms this weekend

Huntsville Evening - SummerHumidity slowly increases tonight and over the weekend setting us up for a steamy weekend with a few pop-up, hit-or-miss, heat-of-the-day showers and thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday.

That increase in humidity also means a very small chance of a shower or two (mainly in Tennessee) on Friday evening through about 9 PM. The heat gets more oppressive on Saturday and Sunday: highs between 95ºF and 100ºF with only a small chance of a cooling downpour. There is a better chance of some scattered storms on Monday and especially Tuesday.

What to expect this weekend: Fort Payne’s fireworks show on Friday evening looks fine: low humidity, temperatures in the upper 70s, and no real chance of rain. Saturday evening’s show in Fayetteville does come with more muggy air and at least a small chance of a shower or storm nearby.

The risk of rain Saturday is meager (only 10%) around the Tennessee Valley including Fayetteville.

Rain chances climb a bit on Sunday, but it’s mainly hit-or-miss “pop-up” showers and isolated storms. In other words, if you get rain you, it’s either your lucky or unlucky day depending on how you view the situation!

Scattered storms look more likely in Tennessee on Monday, and the chance actually increases in North Alabama on Monday night and Tuesday morning as storms to the north get closer and closer to the Valley.

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Extremely hot weather possible soon: Huntsville has not hit 100ºF in 2016, but we have come close: two days at 99ºF. Once the scattered storms from Monday and Tuesday pass by, it gets awfully hot for the rest of next week. Expect high temperatures from 97ºF to 102ºF with a heat index as high as 105ºF to 110ºF. The drought will rapidly expand and worsen without substantial rain and that kind of heat.

Tennessee Valley Forecast:

THIS EVENING: A slim chance of an isolated shower mainly in Tennessee; one or two small showers possible over North Alabama. Warm and more humid: temperatures dropping from the upper 80s at sunset to around 80ºF by 10 PM

TONIGHT: Fair, warm and muggy. Less comfort and more humidity. Low: 71. Wind: Light NW.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Some isolated showers/storms possible, but don’t change your plans over the slim chance. Heat index around 97ºF. High: 94. Wind: NNW 5-10. Rain: 10%.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Warm and muggy. Partly cloudy. Low: 72. Wind: Light West.

SUNDAY: Hot and humid. A few spotty showers/storms possible. Any storms that develop could be locally heavy. Heat index around 99ºF. High: 97. Wind: SW 6-12. Rain: 20%.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Steamy. Any isolated showers from Sunday afternoon are gone by 9 PM. Low: 73. Wind: Light SW. Rain: Less than 10%.

INDEPENDENCE DAY (MONDAY): Hot and humid with a better chance of some heavy thunderstorms especially in Southern Middle Tennessee; some storms are possible around fireworks time. High: 93. Wind: SW 6-12. Rain: 40%.

MONDAY NIGHT: The chance of showers/storms increasing after sunset; more rain/thunder possible overnight. Low: 70. Wind: SW 5-10. Rain: 60%.

TUESDAY: Some showers/storms possible early; more may develop in the afternoon and early evening. High: 91. Wind: SW 7-14. Rain: 40%.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Fewer showers/storms, but any that develop could still be locally heavy. Heat index around 100ºF. High: 97. Wind: W 5-10. Rain: 20%.

THURSDAY: Getting hotter! Heat index upwards of 107ºF by mid-afternoon with little to no chance of showers and storms. High: 100. Wind: W 5-10.

FRIDAY: Very hot and humid. Heat index 100 -105ºF with a mostly sunny sky and almost no chance of showers/storms. High: 100. Wind: WNW 5-10.

SATURDAY: Hot and humid. Isolated afternoon and evening storms pop-up during the hottest part of the day. High: 99. Wind: SW 3-9. Rain: 20%.

SUNDAY: Hot and humid. Isolated afternoon and evening storms pop-up during the hottest part of the day. High: 99. Wind: SW 5-10. Rain: 20%.


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