Interactive Content Producer:  WHNT NEWS 19 (CBS) in Huntsville, Alabama, has an immediate opening for a dynamic Interactive Content Producer.  If you are on the leading edge of understanding how people are consuming news and information on a variety of interactive and social media platforms, get your resume to us ASAP.  We are looking for a creative, visionary with proven experience and a strong command of the English language.  You should already be a prolific user of Twitter, Facebook, the web, mobile devices and other forms of interactive engagement. More information here.

Producer:  WHNT News 19 (CBS) in Huntsville, Alabama, has an immediate opening for a Multimedia Producer. We are looking for a creative, visionary producer with a proven track record. We want someone who is a fierce competitor and likes to win. In addition to the standard duties of producers in the industry (write, gather information, select stories, decide order and treatment of stories), the producers of the WHNT NEWS 19 newsroom are responsible for developing an overall style and identity for their assigned newscast with a keen focus on building the station’s brand, “Taking Action, Getting Results.” We’re not looking for a show stacker, we’re looking for a craftsperson who will bring a daily vision for their newscasts to the newsroom and a clear plan on how they’re going to deliver on that vision.  More information here.

Summer Internships: WHNT News 19, the CBS affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama has two full-time paid openings in our news department for interns in the summer of 2015. Qualified applicants must be a rising college senior or will graduate within a year of the internship and receiving college course credit. The internship requirement is 40 hours a week for at least 10 weeks and no longer than 13 weeks.  You will also be required to work a variety of hours and days. News is a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year job and your internship will reflect that.  More information here.

-Local Community Groups that are interested in being notified when WHNT News 19 has Employment Opportunities should notify nonda.sloan@whnt.com and ask to be placed on our Recruitment Source List.


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