Why should an advertiser invest their money in with WHNT News 19 and WHNT.com?

The answer is simple!

Advertise your business with us and discover a powerful way to reach new customers and strengthen your relationship with current customers. The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet delivers a powerful “1-2 punch” that no other local media can match. Our television station drives viewers to our website for the latest local news, weather, sports and consumer information. These motivated, potential customers are then directly targeted with your on-line marketing message. Your business will benefit from the incredible traffic generating ability of this two-way communication.


Online advertising allows you to sponsor site sections targeted to your consumers and create and sponsor rich content areas to help build your brand. It drives traffic to your own web site through a hyper-link and/or serves as small website for your brand. Advertising online also increases brand exposure with targeted tile ads. All of these online advertising opportunities will reach thousands of people per day in a more intimate and interactive forum. You will be advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while building a customer database, customers interested in your products and services!

WHNT News 19

Television reaches more of an advertiser’s prospective customer base, in almost every major demographic segment and for longer periods of time every day. The public perceives television as the most “influential,” “authoritative,” “exciting,” and “persuasive” advertising medium. And, television is the medium where customers are most likely to learn about products. Television gives you the right message to the right people at the right time in the right place.

WHNT News 19 wants you to get the most exposure possible. WHNT News 19 has developed in-depth coverage of the Huntsville and surrounding Tennessee Valley communities with a commitment to report the news with a regional approach to stories in your area. As the station that is committed to being the Tennessee Valley’s live, local and latebreaking news and information source, WHNT News 19 offers an audience that the competition just can’t touch.

WHNT News 19, a CBS affiliate, keeps viewers watching with entertainment, talk, and sports programs such as CBS This Morning, CSI, CSI: Miami & CSI: New York, March Madness and SEC Football, The Mentalist, 60 Minutes, Survivor, The Amazing Race and much, much more!

Combine that with WHNT News 19’s award-winning news team with up to 5 newscasts each day and you’ve got a sure winner. WHNT News 19 also provides viewers with the latest news and weather information on the weekends.

We’d like to invite you to contact WHNT News 19 and learn more about the wide range of innovative advertising opportunities available. Let the power of television and the internet work for you and your business! Isn’t it time to take advantage of this incredible combination?

Contact the WHNT News 19 Sales Department at (256) 535-9231 or fill out this email form.  We’ll have someone get in touch with you.


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