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  • Sketch: Apr. 14th, Drake Bagby

    One of our viewers from Fayetteville, TN sent us our sketch for Monday this week.  Great sketch Drake!  See you at the party!

  • Sketch: Apr. 11th, Jessica Sutherland

    Jessica sent us a nice rainbow with some birds flying overhead.  We hope to see you at the Sketch The Sky party next month Jessica!

  • Sketch: Apr. 10th, Logan Wright

    Logan Wright must spend some time on the playground at Phil Campbell School.  Thanks for the sketch Logan!

  • Sketch: Apr. 9th, Rebecca

    Rebecca Moore from Huntsville sent us a yellow house under a big blue sky for our Monday sketch this week.  Thanks Rebecca!

  • Sketch: Apr. 7th, Emma

    Emma Stone from New Market gave us a rainbow sketch to use on this Monday.  Plenty of color on Emma’s picture.  Keep up the good work!

  • Sketch: Apr. 4th, Trent Smith

    Trent Smith sent us a great sketch with some butterflies.  We couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend!

  • Sketch: Apr. 3rd, Lexy

    Thanks for the blue sky and green grass Lexy.  We look forward to seeing you at the next Sketch The Sky party.

  • Sketch: Apr. 2nd, Devon

    Devon Bush from Russellville sent us a colorful sketch of some snow covered mountains.  Thanks Devon!

  • Sketch: Apr. 1st, Avery

    Avery Gardner from Hazel Green sent us a nice summer day.  We are looking forward to some warmer weather along with Avery.

  • Sketch: Mar. 31st, Tristin

    Tristin Lane from Mores Mill sent us a wonderful rainbow.  Hope to see you at the party Tristin.  

  • Sketch: Mar. 27th, Lilly and Virginia

    Today we have a Sketch the Sky double feature! Lilly Sockwell from Florence sent in a rainbow with a big yellow sun.  Love the colorful picture Lilly!  Also we have a sketch from Virginia Benson of Albertville.  She is 93 years young! Thank you both for sending us a picture and we hope to see you both at the Sketch The Sky Party next month!

  • Sketch: Mar. 26th, Loren

    A rainbow showing up after a shower is what Loren sent us for today’s sketch.  Hope to see you at our party next month Loren.  


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