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I'm from Greensboro, North Carolina. In fact, my mom, dad and brother are all natives of the Tarheel state.

We moved to Huntsville when I was in the third grade, because my father got a job with the Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal.

I grew up during the heyday of the work developing America's first missiles, and the Saturn 5 program at Marshall Space Flight Center.

One of my best memories is the way the whole town shook when they tested the Saturn 5's main engines in the mid-60's.

I graduated from Huntsville High School and then went to Auburn, where I majored in Journalism, with minors in speech, English, and history. After graduation, I started work in Anniston at a small TV station that no longer exists, WHMA.

In May of 1977, my family moved back to the Rocket City, and I took a job as Sports Director at what was then called Action News 19.

In late 1999 I started making the transition from sports to news at WHNT News 19. I've been Senior Reporter, and Special Assignment Reporter, and now I'm the co-anchor of our week day morning news. I still report, and you can see my weekly "Driving You Crazy" stories on Tuesday nights at 10:00. In fact, if you have a road or traffic problem that concerns you, please send me an e-mail.

Among other things I also do our "Leadership Perspectives" interviews that are posted on WHNT.Com every Friday, and can also seen on our Sunday morning news.

My wife Sue is the Office Manager for Retina Services of North Alabama. I have two married sons, one of whom, Chris, works at Huntsville Hospital. My other son, Wes, is married with one son. His family lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee and he works at Caterpillar-Financial in Nashville.

You may see me from time to time, riding my bike on the the streets, and roads of north Alabama.

I collect first edition books, and my wife and I are modest collectors of art...especially by local artists. I'm honored to be the Vice President of the Huntsville Arts Council.

I may be from North Carolina, and my wife from Atlanta, but we both consider Huntsville our home town.

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  • Speeders Worry Huntsville Neighbors

    The hill on Wells Avenue in Huntsville is steep, but you can drive it at the prescribed 30-mile an hour speed limit.  The problem is, a lot of drivers don’t “The speed limit is 30-miles an hour, but they’re doing at least 50 or 60. It’s a neighborhood! We’re not 565,” says neighbor Jonathan Fowler. Jonathan lives in the middle of the Wells Avenue Hill, and worries a lot about how people drive it.  “There’s a three-way stop sign. They’ll just […]

  • Madison’s Superintendent Talks About School Growth, Common Core

    MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison City Schools are constantly growing – and that presents challenges, says Superintendent Dee Fowler. Dr. Fowler joined us February 27 for Leadership Perspectives, WHNT News 19’s weekly interview segment hosted by Steve Johnson featuring newsmakers and issues in the Tennessee Valley. Madison City Schools gain about 300 students every year, Fowler said.  He says he can’t remember a time when the system hasn’t been building a new school or renovating an existing one to accommodate […]

  • Old Madison County Bridge Causes Driver Worries

    The four old bridges on Old 431 near Hampton Cove are well-known.  The expense of replacing them is the only thing that keeps them in service. Up to now, Madison County hasn’t had the money to make a change, and structurally the bridges are considered sound. The problem is, they’re essentially only a single lane wide, which means two-way traffic isn’t allowed. The bridges still function because drivers on the south end of each of them are directed to stop and yield to oncoming traffic.  […]

  • Griffith: Medicaid Expansion, Job Creation & Education Lottery Important to Alabamians

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Parker Griffith is back on the political scene.  He’s running for governor as a Democrat, although he stressed to WHNT News 19 he is an independent thinker. Griffith joined us for this week’s edition of Leadership Perspectives, our in-depth segment on issues and newsmakers in the Tennessee Valley. The first question on our minds, and probably yours – Dr. Griffith, why are you running? “I’ve had an opportunity and privilege to be an Alabamian, be a […]

  • Dr. Parker Griffith

    Huntsville’s Parker Griffith Starts Campaign For Governor

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The official website Griffithforgovernor.com is up and running, and retired Huntsville physician and businessman Parker Griffith is now campaigning for the Governor’s office. Griffith no stranger to politics. He has lost a mayor’s race, won a State Senate post and has been elected to Congress. He has also been, in order, a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. He’s now back to being a Democrat. “I decided to run for governor. I returned to the Democratic party and they […]

  • huntsville_utilities

    Huntsville Utilities Handling Weather Situation

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Utilities covers all of Madison County and a portion of Marshall County.  Thousands of customers dealing with snow and cold hoping there are no problems. “The snow per se, doesn’t really cause any major issues, ice does,” said Huntsville Utilities spokesman Bill Yell. “It doesn’t appear we’re going to have ice with this. The biggest problem we have is mobility issues. People sliding into poles or other equipment, and knocking the power out.” In the […]

  • School Board Members Urge Parent Participation During Rezoning Transition

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Many changes are coming to Huntsville City Schools.  Thursday, the board approved a major system-wide rezoning plan – one that has people talking, curious, concerned or all three. WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson spoke with board president David Blair and vice president Laurie McCaulley about the changes coming in 18 months.  Blair and McCaulley were our guests February 6 on Leadership Perspectives, our weekly segment that spotlights issues and decision-makers in the Tennessee Valley. We asked […]

  • Huntsville Drivers Worry About Faded Paint

    It’s the road that turns off Highway 431, into the Hampton Cove Area. The Eastern Bypass, as it’s officially called, is a busy four lane with a speed limit of 55-mph. There are thousands of drivers who use the bypass to get to and from home, and they’re concerned.  All the painted lines on the road are worn, cracked and flaking. “I think they’re kind of dull right now,” says Boyd Rice.  Mary Linick says, “It’s hard to see the lines.” Now, during daylight […]

  • Madison County Drivers Not Obeying Speed Signs

    There’s a construction project just getting underway at County Line Road in Madison County.  When it’s complete, there will be a new interchange with Interstate 565.  While the project is just starting, ALDOT has already installed the orange and black work zone warning signs.  Speed limit signs in both directions of I-565 drop speeds from 70 to 55, but there’s a problem. “If you follow the speed limits, if you aren’t careful, you’re going to get run over,” says Jack Brown. […]

  • Flu Season: Don’t Mess Around – Get Your Symptoms Treated Early

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – If you haven’t gotten the flu yet this season – consider yourself lucky.  You probably have a family member who’s been through it, or a friend or neighbor. Dr. Richard Spera, Madison County’s Infectious Disease Specialist, was our guest on Leadership Perspectives on January 24.  He talked about what’s made this flu season different from most. “This is probably an average, in terms of numbers, flu season. The difference this flu season is the distribution of […]

  • drivingyoucrazy400

    Getting Results On Rough Huntsville Road

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Clubview is one of the older established streets in Huntsville. Just a few weeks ago it was one of the city’s roughest drives.  Back in the summer,  city workers prepped Clubview for repaving. Unfortunately that prep work left the street full of huge potholes, and weather made sure those gravel filled holes became worse. “The street is in pretty bad shape to be honest with you,” said neighbor Tim Coley. Tim and his wife Kippi had to drive the length […]

  • Huntsville Drivers Frustrated By Road Work Delay

    Clubview Drive in Huntsville has been part of the city for a long time. You can tell that by the old style concrete street markers that you see up and down its length.  A few months ago, the city did work on Clubview, and left it with numerous, large, gravel filled holes in the road. “The street is in pretty bad shape to be honest with you,” says neighbor Tim Coley. The work to fix the underground pipes that run under […]