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I'm from Greensboro, North Carolina. In fact, my mom, dad and brother are all natives of the Tarheel state.

We moved to Huntsville when I was in the third grade, because my father got a job with the Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal.

I grew up during the heyday of the work developing America's first missiles, and the Saturn 5 program at Marshall Space Flight Center.

One of my best memories is the way the whole town shook when they tested the Saturn 5's main engines in the mid-60's.

I graduated from Huntsville High School and then went to Auburn, where I majored in Journalism, with minors in speech, English, and history. After graduation, I started work in Anniston at a small TV station that no longer exists, WHMA.

In May of 1977, my family moved back to the Rocket City, and I took a job as Sports Director at what was then called Action News 19.

In late 1999 I started making the transition from sports to news at WHNT News 19. I've been Senior Reporter, and Special Assignment Reporter, and now I'm the co-anchor of our week day morning news. I still report, and you can see my weekly "Driving You Crazy" stories on Tuesday nights at 10:00. In fact, if you have a road or traffic problem that concerns you, please send me an e-mail.

Among other things I also do our "Leadership Perspectives" interviews that are posted on WHNT.Com every Friday, and can also seen on our Sunday morning news.

My wife Sue is the Office Manager for Retina Services of North Alabama. I have two married sons, one of whom, Chris, works at Huntsville Hospital. My other son, Wes, is married with one son. His family lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee and he works at Caterpillar-Financial in Nashville.

You may see me from time to time, riding my bike on the the streets, and roads of north Alabama.

I collect first edition books, and my wife and I are modest collectors of art...especially by local artists. I'm honored to be the Vice President of the Huntsville Arts Council.

I may be from North Carolina, and my wife from Atlanta, but we both consider Huntsville our home town.

Recent Articles
  • Taking Action Gets Results On Dangerous Huntsville Intersection

    Every day hundreds of drivers use the intersection where Randolph Avenue meets California Street. For a long while there was a problem.  Drivers who stopped at the white-painted stop line on the road, couldn’t see oncoming traffic from their left. “Well, it’s difficult. You can’t see first of all. You have to pull into the intersection, into oncoming traffic in order to see if there are cars coming north on California,” says driver Lori Harris. Watching the intersection in action, you could […]

  • smith400

    Madison Teacher Gets The Job Done

    MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Chassity Smith is a fixture at Madison’s Horizon Elementary School. This is her ninth year on the job. After eight years teaching sixth grade, she’s teaching fifth graders this year. Her teaching goals haven’t changed at all. “I try to just make a lot of things real life. I also try to love them like they’re my own children,” says Ms Smith. Her efforts with all her students have been noticed. Mrs. Holly Troup nominated Chassity for this week’s […]

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions: U.S. Budget on an “Unsustainable Path”

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) has been in Washington for 17 years.  He’s now the ranking Republican on the budget committee, and he doesn’t hesitate with his criticism on America’s current spending path. “We’re on an unsustainable path,” Sen. Sessions said.  He was our guest April 25 on Leadership Perspectives, WHNT News 19’s weekly in-depth interview segment. Sen. Sessions said last year, interest on the debt was $230 billion.  Ten years from today, estimates from the non-partisan Congressional […]

  • Senator Jeff Sessions Says Alabamians Are Worried

    The question for the Senator on his visit to the WHNT News 19 Studio…what do his constituents say concerns them? “They’re worried about our financial future,” says the Senator.  He adds that Alabamians understand something crucial. “We are on an unsustainable path. We cannot continue at this rate. We’ve got to make changes,” says Senator Sessions. He’s talking about government spending, and the ever-increasing U.S. debt.  Alabamians he says, are willing to make some sacrifice, but they want to make sure everyone sacrifices equally.  […]

  • Madison County Highway Has Multiple Problems

    We visited the stretch of Highway 72 East west of Ryland Pike just last week. The main problem alongside the east bound lane, the shoulder.  It’s composed of what appears to be crumbled asphalt.  Even worse, the shoulder is actually a fairly steep bank, and it’s several inches lower than the highway’s edge.  It needs help. “Quickly, before somebody is killed,” says Barbara Thomas. We visited the road in the first place because of Barbara’s call. She called me again to […]

  • Trulock: Madison’s Growth Calls for Continued Road Improvements

    MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Roads are busy in Madison, and that’s not about to change. However, there’s relief on the way in the form of 15 road or bridge projects currently underway. Madison Mayor Troy Trulock was our guest on Leadership Perspectives recently.  This is WHNT News 19’s weekly segment where we talk with newsmakers in the Tennessee Valley. “The good news is, we’re under construction. The bad news is, we’re under construction,” Trulock said. He likened the problem to […]

  • Crumbling Bank Worries Madison County Drivers

    You can find it along Highway 72 East as you leave Huntsville and Head to Scottsboro.  On the east bound side of 72, just before you get to Ryland Pike there’s stretch of  the road’s shoulder that essentially doesn’t exist. What drivers would find if they went off the road, is a shoulder…an enbankment…that appears to be made of crumbling asphalt. In some places in this stretch of the highway, the road’s surface is several inches above the loose asphalt.  “I think the state […]

  • Huntsville Driver Says Intersection Causes Dangerous Uncertainty

    The Intersection of Lowe Avenue and Madison Street is between the downtown area and Huntsville Hospital. Madison appears to be slightly busier than Lowe, while Lowe has the designated left hand turn lanes, and Madison doesn’t. On Madison all four lanes are for straight ahead traffic, while the left lanes also allow left hand turns.  There are painted arrows on the road to let drivers know they’re allowed to do both, and that’s the problem.  “People going straight don’t know if somebody is turning,” says […]

  • Huntsville Councilmen Talk Roads, City Hall Improvements

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville changes by the day, and these two men see it from a different perspective than many of us. Bill Kling and Will Culver both serve on the Huntsville City Council. Kling represents District 4, and has been on the council for 26 years.  Culver is much newer to city government, having been elected as District 5’s representative in 2008. They said one of the biggest projects Huntsville has at the moment is road work.  the […]

  • Super Guppy Brings Important NASA Cargo To Marshall

    In most cases, the Super Guppy airplane is its own attraction.  The odd-looking cargo carrier operated by NASA out of El Paso, Texas to deliver bulky cargo.  On this trip the plane flew from Tukwila, Washington to the Redstone Arsenal Airfield. On board, a 28-thousand gallon, cryogenic fuel tank. The tank will be tested by Marshall Space Flight Center.  If the tests that put the tank under the same stresses as a rocket launch are successful, NASA rocket builders will be ecstatic. […]

  • Huntsville Drivers Question “Exit” Sign

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Travelling south on Huntsville’s Memorial Parkway, you pass clearly marked exits for Governors Drive, Bob Wallace Avenue and Drake Avenue. Just as you crest the overpass at Drake you pass an exit that is marked with only an “Exit” sign. That exit takes drivers down the parkway south bound access road, and gives them the opportunity to use a lane under the overpass next to Grace Lutheran Church to turn back north.  The access roads in both […]

  • Forgotten Construction Signs Worry Huntsville Drivers

    Huntsville’s Memorial Parkway is the busiest city street in north Alabama.  This past summer drivers had to endure delays because of re-surfacing. These days they have to put up with construction work signs that were left behind. “Well, if they’re through with the construction, they need to move them,” says Donald Davis. The signs, and sign frames are on the Parkway just north of University Drive.  They’re on top of the median barrier.  While that would seem to put them out-of-the-way, it doesn’t […]


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