I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. In fact, my mom, dad and brother are all natives of the Tarheel state.

We moved to Huntsville when I was in the third grade, because my father got a job with the Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal.

I grew up during the heyday of the work developing America’s first missiles, and the Saturn 5 program at Marshall Space Flight Center.

One of my best memories is the way the whole town shook when they tested the Saturn 5’s main engines in the mid-60’s.

I graduated from Huntsville High School and then went to Auburn, where I majored in Journalism, with minors in speech, English, and history. After graduation, I started work in Anniston at a small TV station that no longer exists, WHMA.

In May of 1977, my family moved back to the Rocket City, and I took a job as Sports Director at what was then called Action News 19.

In late 1999 I started making the transition from sports to news at WHNT News 19. I’ve been Senior Reporter, and Special Assignment Reporter, and now I’m the co-anchor of our week day morning news.

Among other things I also do our “Leadership Perspectives” interviews that are posted on WHNT.Com every Friday, and can also seen on our Sunday morning news.

I also do our “Defending America” reports that highlight the work in the north Alabama aerospace and defense community as well as what happens on Redstone Arsenal both in defense and at Marshall Space Flight Center.

My wife Sue is the Office Manager for Retina Services of North Alabama. I have two sons. Chris works at Huntsville Hospital. My other son, Wes, is married with two sons. His family lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee and he works at Caterpillar-Financial in Nashville.

You may see me from time to time, riding my bike on the the streets, and roads of north Alabama.

I collect first edition books, and my wife and I are modest collectors of art…especially by local artists.

I may be from North Carolina, and my wife from Atlanta, but we both consider Huntsville our home town.

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    Redstone Arsenal, Ala. – There’s a storeroom at Redstone Arsenal with the complete issue run of PS Magazine, The Army’s Preventive Maintenance Monthly. “It’s a working library. It’s a museum. It’s a history of the information that soldiers have used to keep their equipment working,” said John Pierce, the Editor of PS Magazine. The magazine came into existence during the Korean War, after it became clear that soldiers needed help maintaining their equipment. From June 1951 til June of 2017, […]

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    Redstone Arsenal, AL-Security is a big deal at Redstone Arsenal. For one thing, it takes proper credentials to even get on base. In some buildings, like Army Materiel Command Headquarters, you can’t use your cell phone. Keeping America’s secrets, secret is always job one. “If you stay on top of the threat, and you understand the threats and how they’re being utilized. It’s a very real threat that we are tracking every day,” said Dawn Dunkerley, the Chief of the […]

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    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – These days boots on the ground, no matter how well-trained the soldiers are, isn’t enough. Technology can’t stop with the latest missile or aircraft. The Army has to be ready to fight in another realm, and that’s the cyber world. FM 3-12, the Army Field Manual for Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare Operations, is necessary reading in this modern world. “Soldiers, civilians, contractors, anyone who is using the Department of Defense network,” said Dr. Dawn Dunkerley, the […]

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    Huntsville, Ala. – Living in this part of the country means you almost certainly have seen weather radar pictures tracking storms. That’s one kind of radar image, another would be what engineers see when they work with complex missile systems, or even unmanned aerial vehicles. For all of those, radar detection is a big deal, because it is difficult. “But that’s what we enjoy doing. We’re trying to solve really hard problems,” said Stephanie Cunningham, the Vice President of Huntsville’s […]

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    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – American Soldiers in the field couldn’t do their job without the Army Materiel Command. The truth of the statement that AMC provides everything Soldiers use is why the workers at Redstone Arsenal’s AMC headquarters are always busy. One of the most basic items soldiers must have is ammunition for their weapons. “So, if Soldiers are deployed down range to do whatever our nation asks them to do, they make sure they have the right ammunition, on time, […]