No Glasses, No Problem – View the eclipse from Huntsville
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Sarah Macaluso joined WHNT News 19 in June 2016 as a Reporter/MMJ. Born and raised in Florida, she is excited to make the move to the Tennessee Valley.

Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication and Film from The University of Alabama. While in school, she worked for WVUA-TV in Tuscaloosa as a reporter and fill-in anchor. At WVUA, Sarah covered a variety of news stories that include an explosion at a textile plant in Brent, the Governor Bentley scandal, and of course, multiple National Championships from the Crimson Tide.

Sarah’s love for reporting is driven by her love for people. She has a passion for telling stories and looks forward to keeping the Tennessee Valley informed.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys exploring the Huntsville area and hanging out with friends. You can also catch her cheering for the Crimson Tide during football season.

If you have any news tips, comments or questions, you can email her at or find her on Twitter @SarahMacaluso.

Recent Articles
  • Doctors say not wearing approved eye wear when watching solar eclipse, could cause partial blindness

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Many are excited to catch a view of the solar eclipse that will take place on August 21.  Although, you’ll want to do so safely. “Go look at it, but be safe,” said Dr. Tarek Persaud. “There’s real danger to looking at the sun directly and some of the danger can be permanent.” Dr. Persaud with the Retina Specialists of North Alabama says it’s an important warning. Make sure to wear approved eye wear — especially for children. […]

  • Madison City, State leaders address concerns about Three Springs after runaways accused of murder

    MADISON, Ala. — Several state and city officials gathered at Madison City Hall Thursday afternoon to give an update in regards to the Three Springs facility. The facility became a topic of concern after two teens staying at the treatment center ran away and are accused of killing a man behind a Publix on County Line Road. Three Springs has reported four runaways from the section devoted to juveniles in DHR custody, and one escapee from the medium security facility run […]

  • Huntsville Police monitoring financial crimes in the Tennessee Valley

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Huntsville Police Department recently joined the IRS Financial Crimes Task Force with other agencies in the state. The goal: to prosecute criminals who scam others and steal their hard-earned money. But how big of a problem is this in our area? “We’re one of the most booming cities in the state and in our industry. We’re proud of that, but what comes along with that is we become a target area of people trying to commit financial […]

  • Mount Carmel Elementary teacher uses “flexible seating” in the classroom

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — One kindergarten teacher at Madison County’s Mount Carmel Elementary does things a little differently.  Her kindergarten students are doing things you usually don’t see till second and third grade. For kindergarten teacher, Benita Moyers, her students have whats called “flexible seating.” “It just really kept the kids engaged because that’s important,” Moyers said. “We don’t want them getting off task and being bored. We want them actively engaged so they’re actively learning and I think that was […]

  • Huntsville Police to form Financial Crimes Task Force with IRS, other agencies

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Police Department is working hard to keep you from being a victim of a financial crime. The department and other agencies across the state, are forming a financial crimes task force with the IRS. “The financial crime unit is our most recent and newest task force and it’s because of the high volume of financial crimes that occur,” said Capt. Mike Izzo with the Huntsville Police Department. Captain Izzo says financial crimes are a lot more […]

  • Administrators say staggered start for Huntsville schools is working well

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For many schools in the Tennessee Valley, it’s been one week back in class.  For Huntsville City Schools, lots of changes were implemented this year. One change has to do with the time high schoolers arrive to campus. Students will now start their school day 30 minutes later, at 8:30 in the morning. The change is also helping with some congestion around certain schools. “I think that does make a significant difference in some of the traffic flow […]

  • New traffic patterns for Grissom High School parents and students

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville students have only been back in class for a week and changes already are taking place for Grissom High School. Traffic issues are causing long wait times for parents and students. This prompted school leaders to change traffic patterns. “When you see things that pop up, then you know you can make tweaks and changes to try to improve that traffic flow,” said Keith Ward with Huntsville City Schools. With input from Huntsville police and internal traffic […]

  • Madison schools start early with parents and students in mind

    MADISON, Ala. – Many school systems in the Tennessee Valley go back to school the first or second week of August. Although, some are questioning if that’s too early. “I think its much better for students if their local school board are responsive to their individual needs,” said Madison city BOE President, Ranae Bartlett. But, that’s not how it’s always been when deciding a school start date. Madison School Board President, Ranae Bartlett, says there was once a time when the decision […]

  • Rainbow Elementary adopts several changes ahead of new school year

    MADISON, Ala. – With a new school year comes some changes.  In this case, for Madison’s Rainbow Elementary, it’s for the better. “This is a wonderful opportunity and a dream job for me,” said Principal, Brian Givens. A new face welcomed students on the first day of school at Rainbow Elementary. Although, not new to the school system. Brian Givens started his career with Madison City schools four years ago. Now a principal, he’s ready to jump right in. “I’m ready […]

  • Discovery Middle staff prepares for the new school year on a tight rope

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – While Madison students are getting ready to go back to class, the teachers are preparing too.  Although, Madison has a different take on how they get ready to welcome students. At The Vision Christian Retreat and Conference Center the staff is going through a team-building exercise. Principal Kim Stewart said it will get everyone ready. “Having an opportunity to be comfortable with one another, get to know one another and understand that we’re here for each other helps […]

  • School leaders plan more learning opportunities for Madison students in new school year

    MADISON, Ala. – Some school district’s are already back in class, meanwhile, Madison schools get the new year started Monday. For Madison city students, Superintendent Robby Parker says, the sky is the limit and there are specific areas he wants to improve on this school year. “One thing that I’ve asked our staff to do and we’re going to do really diligently throughout the year is, I believe that our kids in grades K-6, I believe that our top math students […]

  • New Zika guidelines suggest testing for pregnant women on case-by-case basis

    MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Doctors are changing test recommendations for pregnant women who may have been exposed to Zika. A recent change by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is no longer recommending routine testing for pregnant women without any Zika symptoms, but who may have been put at risk. In 2016, hundreds of cases of Zika were reported in the US causing a stir for doctors and pregnant women. “The guidelines from last year, included testing every single person […]