Robert Reeves

The name Reeves has been synonymous with WHNT NEWS 19 since WHNT went on the air in 1963. Robert Reeves has been sharing coffee and breakfast with the Tennessee Valley since 1980.

He started co-hosting Mornin' Folks with his late father, Grady Reeves, in September of 1980. Robert did news, sports and weather during the hour-long show for ten years before the show was put on hiatus after his Dad retired in May of 1991. During that summer, Robert did sports on the weekend news, bringing his unique personal touch to the world of television sports.

Robert was lured away by the call of country music and worked at WQSB radio in Albertville for almost four years while still maintaining a part-time relationship with Channel 19. In June of 1994, Robert was enticed back to early morning television at WHNT. He hosted a form of Mornin' Folks and co-anchored WHNT News 19 This Morning until taking on another role in October of 2006.

Robert now keeps the Tennessee Valley aware of any morning traffic problems and breaking news by doing live reports from all across the "Valley" during WHNT NEWS 19 This Morning.

Robert loves history and tries to integrate interesting facts and stories of whatever area he is in that day. Robert is married to the former Jacquelyn Procter Gray, an award winning author and historian who sometimes appears with Robert on some of the shows. He is proud to be the father of two grown children, Melody and Todd and just as proud to be step-dad to Leslie and Jeff, Jacque's two grown children.

Robert co-hosted the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon for over thirty years and even co-hosted a very popular outdoors program for WHNT, "19 Outdoors," which ran for more than four years.

Robert has been in the Tennessee Valley for nearly 64 years, and although he is the oldest member of the WHNT NEWS 19 News Team, he says he'll probably be the last to "grow up."

Robert is the resident food expert at WHNT, especially Bar B Que, since he has been an actual KCBS certified Bar B Que judge for over 21 years.
If you are looking for the best food anywhere in the Tennessee Valley, Robert can probably aim you in the right direction.

Robert loves people and almost anything to do with the outdoors and would much rather be dressed in shorts and sandals than suit and tie. Robert loves to meet and talk to people, so if you see him out somewhere, please say hello!

Email Robert at

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