Recent Articles
  • May 20th Sketch the Sky

    We’ve got a great looking truck driving under some very interesting clouds, courtesy of Edward Xiao from Madison!  Excellent work, Edward!

  • Sketch the Sky, May 19th

    Look at all the wildlife Dawson Stone from New Market included in his sketch the sky picture!  Great looking stuff, Dawson!

  • Sunny days, pretty flowers and sweet butterflies were on the mind of young artist Sydney Travis from Huntsville when she put together this colorful picture.  Wonderful work, Sydney!

  • Sketch the Sky, May 13th

    This bright and sunny scene was brought to us by Logan Brannon from Huntsville.  Just the sort of picture that would cheer anyone up.  Thanks for the picture, Logan!

  • May 12th Sketch the Sky

    Lia Williams from Hampton Cove sent us this wonderful picture of her and her mom set against a beautiful mountain range.  Thanks Lia!  

  • May 9th Sketch the Sky

    Mackenzie Morrison from Fayetteville sent us this picture of a tornado swinging by a house.  Hopefully we won’t see too many dark funnel clouds this season, but thanks for sending in the picture, Mackenzie!

  • Sketch the Sky, May 8th

    Hailey Clemmons from Killen sent us this great, sturdy tree set against a bright blue sky.  Wonderful job, Hailey!

  • May 7th Sketch the Sky

    Wow!  Check out this colorful string of unicorns coming to us from Mary Frances Wagoner of Harvest!  She created this beautiful picture of the mythical beasts romping through the hills and fields of flowers.  Way to go, Mary!

  • May 6th Sketch the Sky

    Looks like Abigail McNeese from Huntsville sent us a beautiful spring day with lots of sunshine and some happy little flowers.  Great job, Abigail!

  • April 25th, Sketch the Sky

    Emily Stapler from New Hope sent in this picture of a wet, stormy day.  Rain clouds and a tornado may be battering this house, but it’s still standing strong and tall. Thanks for the picture, Emily!

  • Sketch: Apr. 24th Damian

    This beautiful sunny day was sent to us from Damian Lang of Albertville.  Great tree, great house, and great job, Damien!  Thanks for sending it in!

  • Sketch the Sky for April 23

    This pretty picture of a dog on a gorgeous spring day was sent to us by Elizabeth Lockwood from Madison.  Great detail on the dog, Elizabeth!  That’s one happy puppy!  Thanks for sending us the picture!