Michelle Stark is WHNT News 19’s morning anchor and technology correspondent. She’s also a busy wife and mother of two, happy to be living in Huntsville and experiencing the South’s legendary hospitality!

You’ll find her anchoring weekdays from 4:30 – 7:00 a.m. and showcasing the latest websites, apps, gadgets, emerging technologies and social media trends.

Michelle is an accomplished broadcaster – with one Emmy® Award and several nominations, including one for a series of reports on technology in schools across the Tennessee Valley.

In 2014, Michelle anchored and co-produced #Virtues – a 30-minute special focused on cyberbullying and social media. It was named “Best Documentary” by the Alabama Broadcasters Association and the Alabama Associated Press Broadcasters Association. The Alabama AP also named her “Best News Anchor” in 2011 and “Best Specialized Reporter” for technology coverage in 2015.

As a working mom, Michelle is keenly aware of the pressures modern families face. In 2013, she helped direct the launch of The Great Diaper Drive, in partnership with RocketCityMom.com. It was a major success and is now an annual event in the Tennessee Valley, collecting 80,000+ diapers and wipes for local babies in need. In 2016, the drive was named the Best in Broadcasting “Service Project of the Year” by the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

Before joining WHNT News 19, Michelle was a morning anchor and technology reporter in Boise, Idaho. She’s a Detroit-area native – who graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in International Relations.

She got her start as an anchor, reporter and producer at the ABC affiliate in Lansing and also spent time early in her career as an intern/researcher in Washington D.C. for ABC’s “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.”

In rare moments of free time, Michelle serves on the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama’s “Mompreneur Committee” and loves reading, travel, video games and eating fondue. Like all good Southerners she also loves college football and, of course, basketball – Go Spartans!

Have a story idea for Michelle? Email her at michelle.stark@whnt.com. You can also connect via Facebook or Twitter @mstarktweets!

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