Lee Marshall
Journalist by day, advocate by design, mom all the time!

Lee is a 3-time Emmy award winning journalist. She anchors the 5 & 6:30 evening news on WHNT News 19. You can watch her Kid to Love segment every Monday night at 5pm on WHNT News 19.

Originally from South Fulton, Tennessee, Lee got her first TV job at WQTV while still in college at Murray State University. She moved to the northwest to work in Yakima, Washington at KNDO for a year, but had to get back to the south where the tea is sweet and “y’all’s” a formal greeting! She moved to Huntsville in 1998 and it was Sweet Home Alabama!

Lee has combined her passion as a journalist with her personal passion to help foster children. In 2004, she started the Kids to Love Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of foster children. More than 150,000 foster children have been touched directly through the Kids to Love Foundation’s outreach efforts.

Lee has been named an “Angel in Adoption” by Congress and honored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for her adoption awareness efforts. She has been honored by the Alabama Broadcaster’s Association for her journalistic contributions.

For Lee, it’s not just another story. She was born into foster care herself and adopted by a loving family. Now, Lee’s mission is to find every foster child a place to call home. http://www.kidstolove.org It’s Lee’s passion for telling the stories of waiting children and Taking Action while they wait that has earned two community service Emmys’ from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She introduces a new child waiting in foster care every week to the viewers in the Tennessee Valley and to her more than 35,000 followers on social media each week.
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Lee is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. With 2 CD’s to her credit, she has shared her music from Alabama to Australia. Learn more at http://www.leemarshallmusic.com.

Lee is a motivating speaker and loves sharing her heart for God with other women no matter where they live. Encouraging them to find their passion, zero in and FIRE in faith!

Lee’s greatest accomplishment is her family. She and Jeff have been married for 19 years and have two daughters, Ella, 9, and Emma, 6, and a Maltese named Elvis.

Recent Articles
  • Kids to Love: Jeff

    Jeff is 15 and just finished the 9th grade. We talked to him right before he got out for the summer. “At a private school cause I’m at a residential facility and we just do work in 4 classes & the rest of the day we get to play on kindles.” Jeff said. An easy schedule makes for an easier transition for Jeff. “This year, this is my……4th school this year alone.” Jeff said. For Jeff, foster care is a […]

  • Calling All Golfers!

    Whether you play to win or just have fun, bring your golf swing to Parson’s 4th Annual Golf Tournament, benefitting Kids to Love. Mark your calendar for August 8th 2014, and join the fun at the Robert Trent Jones course in Hampton Cove.   There will be a shotgun start at 8:00am, and lunch provided at 1:00pm. Complimentary refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Click here to register. The deadline to register is July 25th. Kids to Love is a […]

  • Kids to Love: J’Deute

    J’Deute is 14. He’s a quiet, polite and shy child. He didn’t want to talk on camera. His foster mom tells us he is helpful around the house. He enjoys and completes his homework with help. His favorite food is mac & cheese and sweet potato pie! He enjoys playing football, riding his bike and playing video games. He is on the mime team at church and enjoys spending time at church; he considers it a second home. When he […]

  • Kids to Love: Jonathan

    This week we have a kid who loves sports! Football, basketball, baseball, you name it! Johathan is this week’s Kids to Love. He’s 14 and finishing the 8th grade. He’s a sweet kid who’s all boy. “I like to go huntin’ finishin’, bowling, I love going swimming.” Jonathan said. He’s a good hunter. “I killed an 8 point buck!” Jonathan said. He has been in foster care most of his life. “In DHR custody since I was 2.” Jonathan said. […]

  • Storm clean up in Athens hits the $5-million mark.

    In a city like Athens with those beautiful old homes and big trees in the years, the rain and winds are making a hay day of the landscape and the cleanup is hitting the five million dollar mark. It’s a costly clean up in Athens. “We’re estimating somewhere around 5 million dollars’ worth of damage, lots of over time.” Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks said. The recent rounds of winds and rain have taxed workers. “Our public works department and our […]

  • Learn To Read: Bookmarking success in Athens

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Working toward a more literate community is the goal of an Athens group called ‘Learn to Read.’ Members are helping students turn the pages toward success one at a time. It’s not summer school, but the students are spending their summer hitting the books. “We can now this summer have up to 50 students for the summer reading program,” said Rhonda Andrews, Executive Director of Learn to Read. Learn to Read initially started to teach adults […]

  • Kids to Love: Cha’Keria

    Over the last several weeks we’ve introduced sisters to you. Tonight, we have the oldest of the three.  Cha’Keria is this week’s Kids to Love she has just as much confidence as she does style.  She’ll be starting high school this year. “What do you like to do for fun?” Lee asks. “I like to go out to eat, bowling, skating.” Cha’Keria answers. She is the oldest and protective of her younger sisters. “Tell me about staying with your sisters, […]

  • Kids to Love: Alex

    Last week you met baby sister Ciara. This week you get to meet the middle sister, Alex.  She’s this week’s Kids to Love child. Her birth name is Alexandria, but her friends call her Alex. “How would your friends describe you?” Lee asks. “Nice,” Alex answers. She’s finishing up the 5th grade, and it’s been a busy year. “Science, math, studies, reading, spelling,” Alex lists her school classes. Her favorite subject is spelling. She makes “Good grades… B’s & C’s.” […]

  • Kids To Love: Ciara

    (WHNT) – Ciara is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade.  Spelling, reading and math keep her busy. “Multiplication, adding, subtraction,” she says. Her favorite class is PE, though.  She loves to run, play basketball and football. We met with her at the McWane Center in Birmingham recently, and she loved all the exhibits. Ciara is the baby of the bunch.  Her oldest sister Cha’keria is 14.  Another sister, Alex, is 11. The girls are together now, and it’s […]

  • Kids to Love: Marquis

    Marquis is a polite and well-mannered young man.  He’s a quiet 10 year old, and is in the 5th grade. His favorite subject is is reading, and he loves the Harry Potter books. Marquis is an average student and needs extra help in math. Right now, is class is learning fractions.  Marquis likes to go to church and participate in church activities.  He also likes to fish, play video games and… “Ride my bike,” Marquis said. Marquis has a very […]

  • A Mother’s Wish

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Limestone County mother with terminal breast cancer has a final wish, to take her kids on vacation in Orlando. Thanks to friends and family, the wish is coming true! One by one up the escalator family members came. They’re here to make Maria Jemisson’s wish come true. “For several years Maria has wanted to provide a trip for her children and financially she wasn’t able to do so.” Mary Dailey, Maria’s mother-in-law said. Maria […]

  • Sugar Buzz: Is Sugar as Harmful and Addictive as Heroin?

    (WHNT) – You’re tired, irritable and hungry for more. The foods you eat could be as potent as heroin or opium. Doctors say we consume twice as much sugar as we did 100 years ago. The average American eats three pounds of sugar a week. That consumption level makes you want even more. But could something as sweet as sugar be as harmful as heroin? Jennifer Stotler lived on sugar. “I love sweets. I also love chocolate,” she said. The imbalanced […]