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Lee Marshall
Journalist by day, advocate by design, mom all the time!

Lee is a 3-time Emmy award winning journalist. She anchors the 5 & 6:30 evening news on WHNT News 19. You can watch her Kid to Love segment every Monday night at 5pm on WHNT News 19.

Originally from South Fulton, Tennessee, Lee got her first TV job at WQTV while still in college at Murray State University. She moved to the northwest to work in Yakima, Washington at KNDO for a year, but had to get back to the south where the tea is sweet and “y’all’s” a formal greeting! She moved to Huntsville in 1998 and it was Sweet Home Alabama!

Lee has combined her passion as a journalist with her personal passion to help foster children. In 2004, she started the Kids to Love Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of foster children. More than 150,000 foster children have been touched directly through the Kids to Love Foundation's outreach efforts.

Lee has been named an "Angel in Adoption" by Congress and honored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for her adoption awareness efforts. She has been honored by the Alabama Broadcaster’s Association for her journalistic contributions.

For Lee, it's not just another story. She was born into foster care herself and adopted by a loving family. Now, Lee's mission is to find every foster child a place to call home. www.kidstolove.org It's Lee's passion for telling the stories of waiting children and Taking Action while they wait that has earned two community service Emmys' from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She introduces a new child waiting in foster care every week to the viewers in the Tennessee Valley and to her more than 35,000 followers on social media each week.
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Lee is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. With 2 CD's to her credit, she has shared her music from Alabama to Australia. Learn more at www.leemarshallmusic.com.

Lee is a motivating speaker and loves sharing her heart for God with other women no matter where they live. Encouraging them to find their passion, zero in and FIRE in faith!

Lee's greatest accomplishment is her family. She and Jeff have been married for 19 years and have two daughters, Ella, 9, and Emma, 6, and a Maltese named Elvis.

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  • Lee Marshall

    Following Her Passion: Lee Marshall’s Next Assignment

    Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that is too good to pass up. Many of you know my heart is with my non-profit, Kids to Love, and with the foster children we serve. It has been my passion since its start in 2004. I now have a chance to live my passion full-time and that is why I am stepping away from a job and a career that I have loved – bringing you the news on […]

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    Grab a Sub & Help Kids to Love

    Go to lunch or dinner Wednesday, March 25, and help Kids to Love! 100% of Sales at Jersey Mike’s Huntsville Location Will Be Donated to Kids to Love WHO: Jersey Mike’s Subs caps off its “Month of Giving” fundraising campaign with its 5th annual “Day of Giving” initiative. WHAT: Come enjoy a delicious sub meal knowing all proceeds from the Huntsville Jersey Mike’s location will go to Kids to Love. WHEN: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – All day! (lunch, afternoon […]

  • Kids to Love: Jabran

    Jabran loves math. He wants to add a family to his single digit life. Jabran is this week’s Kids to Love. “What kind of grades do you make?” Lee asks. “A’s & B’s” Jabran answers. “What’s your favorite subject?” Lee asks. “Math” Jabran answers. Jabran is in the 4th grade and has ambition for a 10 year old! “Be a president” Jabran said. and if that doesn’t work.. there’s always football… “Do you have a favorite football team?” Lee asks. […]

  • Kids to Love Foundation launches the Kids to Love Center

    For the last 11 years, the Kids to Love Foundation has helped more than 175,000 kids in foster care. Our commitment to the children we serve is getting stronger! Every week we bring you the stories of foster children in need of a home. The irony, our Kids to Love Foundation was homeless. “They’ve been moving around in temporary space. Their describing what their looking for & I said I think I have just the building for you.” Louis Breland […]

  • Kids to Love Ribbon Cutting

    Kids to Love Foundation Launches New Center

    Huntsville, Ala. – The Kids to Love Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, announces the Kids to Love Center, a multi-purpose facility to more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of children in foster care. The organization held a ribbon cutting at the property on Thursday, March 12, 2015.   The event also launched a capital campaign for Kids to Love. “For 11 years Kids to Love has provided what foster children need while they are in care,” said Lee Marshall, Kids to […]

  • Kids to Love: Destiny

    She’s smart as a tack, straight forward and loves guinea pigs. Destiny is this week’s Kids to Love. Destiny is in fifth grade and getting all A’s. When Lee Marshall asked if she has to study a lot Destiny replied with “it just comes natural”. She wants to be a doctor or a vet. Destiny loves animals. She’s cared for a dog, a cat and a guinea pig. However, moving from foster home to foster home forces her to leave the […]

  • Kids to Love: Shinya

    Shinya wants to travel and see the world when she grows up. But first, she has to get out of foster care. Shinya is a great athlete. She played volleyball last season and loves to shoot hoops, too. “Basketball, we have a game next Thursday.” Shinya said. She’s 13 years old and in the 7th grade. “What kind of grades do you make?” Lee asks. “Sometimes I make a C, sometimes I make a high D, but usually good grades.” […]

  • Kids to Love: LaDerrick

    (WHNT) – He likes math and science, sports and sleeping. LaDerrick is a normal teen and this week’s Kids to Love. “I live this motto, see I live life, but life don`t meet you half way. So you go to get in 50% towards life and then you`ll see the positive outcome of the negative outcome.” LaDerrick said. LaDerrick at 16 is wise beyond his years. “Do your friends know you`re in foster care?” Lee asks. “Some of them, not […]

  • Kids to Love: LaTearany

    (WHNT)- LaTearany, is a bright, artistic, and happy young lady. She displays great insight and is extremely articulate. She is this week’s Kids to Love. “Cause I would have a great place to live, not live in a place where I can’t do anything.” LaTearany said. LaTearany’s been in foster care 5 years. “Have you been in a lot of homes during that time?” Lee asks. “Yes man, 7.” LaTearany answers LaTearany is 11 and in the 6th grade. She […]

  • Kids to Love: Taneshia

    (WHNT) – One of the biggest challenges for a foster child is growing up. The bigger he child, the smaller the chance they’ll find a forever family. Taneshia is this week’s Kids to Love. At 17, Taneshia is on the cusp of adulthood. A high school junior who likes to dance, sing, fix hair and.. “Talk on the phone” Taneshia said. She’s your typical teenager, and she’s in foster care. “How long have you been in care?” Lee asks “Since […]

  • dreamvision770

    EXCLUSIVE: DreamVision Company executives answer questions one-on-one with WHNT News 19 ahead of announcement

    MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – The DreamVision Company is expected to announce plans for a $3.5 billion theme park known as SoundScape for Muscle Shoals on Wednesday. The corporate team arrived in the Tennessee Valley on Tuesday for a rehearsal ahead of the unveiling. The announcement is at 11 a.m. Watch it LIVE on WHNT.com. DreamVision leaders also sat down for an exclusive interview with WHNT News 19’s Lee Marshall. The team discussed many questions viewers have asked after news […]

  • Kids to Love: Devan

    (WHNT) – Devan is 11-years-old, and needs a forever family. The fifth grader says he loves playing with his friends and his favorite classes in school are P.E., social studies, english and science. Devan is thoughtful and kind hearted and loves sports. For fun he says he plays basketball and football. He also likes video games, cards and music. Devan needs a family that will provide consistent structure, has patience and unconditional love. Click here for more information on adoption […]


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