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Laura Christmas is a Multimedia Journalist for WHNT News 19 and the Sand Mountain Bureau Chief. A Florida native, Laura attended the University of Florida and will always be a Gator at heart. While attending UF Laura reported and produced for a NPR affiliate, Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM; a PBS affiliate, WUFT-TV; and ESPN 850 WRUF. Laura also anchored local news updates for NPR’s Morning Edition. She also completed a concentration in Political Science.

While still at UF Laura started reporting for WGFL-TV/WNBW-TV, a CBS/NBC affiliate in Gainesville. That job turned full-time after she graduated from UF in December 2012.

Laura is proud to call the south home. She grew up in a small town in Central Florida and enjoyed the experiences that afforded her. She was homeschooled for ten years before attending a public high school and then UF.

When she isn’t finding stories in Marshall, DeKalb and Jackson Counties Laura enjoys being outdoors, especially on Lake Guntersville. She enjoys reading, particularly historical novels and works on the Supreme Court.

She is thrilled and blessed to be able to find and share stories that matter in the Sand Mountain Region and to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team.

Have a story idea for Laura, or merely want to see if you can beat the record for the best ‘Christmas’ joke she’s heard? Email her at laura.christmas@whnt.com

Recent Articles
  • Global Aviation Solutions’ expansion to the Guntersville Municipal Airport is step toward the future

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — A Huntsville based company called Global Aviation Solutions is now also using the Guntersville Municipal Airport for some of its work. The city constructed a massive overhaul at the airport over the last several years with a goal of bringing in companies – like Global Aviation Solutions – in mind. The company is using an existing hangar at the Guntersville Municipal Airport, and some new hangars are in the works at the site. The company provides services […]

  • Organizers changed the venue for 2018’s Guntersville Lake Hydrofest to a different part of the lake

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Organizers changed the venue for 2018’s Guntersville Lake Hydrofest to a different area of the city. Organizers say the move has benefits for the race itself and for spectators. Initially, Guntersville Lake Hydrofest was going to be run at the Spring Creek area of Lake Guntersville, which is behind Guntersville Fire and Rescue. Viewing was set to be from the levee. Organizers decided to move the event to a location off of Sunset Drive, across town.  “It’s […]

  • Despite efforts, rain and a delay pushed back the completion date for Asbury’s first football field

    ASBURY, Ala. — Crews are working as fast as possible on Asbury High School’s first football field and stadium, but the weather and a delay pushed back the hoped for completion date that was the start of football season. Crews found a way to divert an underground spring that caused construction delays on Asbury’s first football field and stadium. They found it several weeks ago. School officials say a company previously tested the site but the spring went undetected. “Due […]

  • The Arab Chamber of Commerce is planning a trip to China, open to the public

    ARAB, Ala. — The Arab Chamber of Commerce is planning a trip to China with a goal to create business contacts and bring those back to Alabama. “This is a trip that we’re offering to the general public. It’s for anyone who is interested in the culture of China or for people who have business with China, companies that are here in the area that already have business, or companies that are looking to expand into the market,” said  Arab […]

  • No criminal intent in Guntersville Val Monte Marina fire

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — It’s been months now since a fire destroyed more than 20 boats at the Val Monte Marina in Guntersville. Officials with Guntersville Fire and Rescue say their investigation is finished unless new information surfaces. The scene now at Val Monte Marina looks unchanged from late April when firefighters were busy extinguishing the last of the flames from the smoldering docks and boats. The task of fighting that fire was arduous and long.  Fire officials with Guntersville Fire […]

  • ALBERTVILLE PD: One victim treated and released in Monday morning shooting

    ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — Albertville Police detectives are investigating an early morning shooting that left one man injured.   Albertville Police officers responded to a home near Turnpike Road and Highway 75 south around 2:30 Monday morning. Police Chief Jamie Smith says officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. The man’s name isn’t released. Responders took the victim to a hospital. He was shortly released, and he’s expected to be okay. “The detectives weren’t able to do a whole […]

  • Are you looking for a free pet? The Arab Animal Shelter is full and waiving the adoption fee

    ARAB, Ala. — Are you looking for a new pet this summer? The Arab Animal Shelter is full, and you can adopt a dog or kitten for free. Sweet kitten faces and happy dog barks greet you when you walk in the door at the Arab Animal Shelter. It’s hard to say ‘no’ when a big eyed cat or an excited dog is looking up at you and for the Animal Control Officer who handles the place, that works in […]

  • Marshall Co. Commission, EMA continue discussion about outdoor warning sirens

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — The discussion continues in Marshall County on the future of the county’s outdoor warning sirens. Marshall County EMA officials will be asking county commissioners to discuss potential action on ten sirens that could be problematic. The discussion in the past was to replace them or get rid of them. Marshall County commissioners and the Marshall County EMA are discussing a long-term plan for the county’s 59 outdoor warning sirens. They’re looking at emerging technology. The talks revolved […]

  • Imagine doing hard work outside in this heat with your winter gear on: that’s firefighting in the summer

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — The summer months pose even more risks to an already dangerous job: firefighting. Fire departments adapt to the temperature spike to make sure safety stays a top priority. “You use your own imagination as to some of the hardest work you have ever done. Imagine doing that in the summertime in the hot temperatures but put your heaviest winter gear on, and then that may give you just a peek of what these guys have to face,” […]

  • Multiple agencies are working the investigation into what caused the Guntersville warehouse fire

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — The investigation into what caused a Guntersville warehouse to catch fire last week is underway. Right now there are more questions than answers. Fire officials and investigators aim to uncover what exactly happened that caused a warehouse on Grimes Drive in an industrial park to catch fire early Friday morning. Firefighters stayed on the scene for 12 hours on Friday and had to return on Saturday. Fire officials say the start of the work week brought insurance […]

  • UPDATE: Teen identified after jumping off a cliff at High Falls Park Saturday afternoon

    GROVE OAK, Ala. — The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a teen died after jumping from High Falls Saturday afternoon. The DeKalb County Coroner has confirmed the identity of the victim as Mason Tompkins, 18, from Acworth, Georgia, Deputies were called to the park around 2:00. DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson said Tompkins had jumped off of one of the higher rocks at the park into the creek; he didn’t resurface. Fischer Rescue Squad, Geraldine Rescue Squad, and other […]

  • Lake Guntersville State Park’s zip line course is a draw for visitors, especially during the summer

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — A newly built addition to Lake Guntersville State Park is drawing visitors in from all over the state and out-of-state, especially right now, during the summer. This is the first summer both phases of the zip line course are open together. “It’s been going great. Level one was all we had last year. Level two we opened this year. We are ahead of where we were last year at this point,” said  course assistant manager Jeremy Dobbins. […]