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  • Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R)

    Senator Bill Holtzclaw discusses budgets and constitutional reform

    (WHNT)- Alabama State Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R) has represented Limestone and Madison County since his election in 2010.  This week he sat down with WHNT News 19 to talk about the upcoming legislative session and the major issues that face the state of Alabama.  The most pressing issue would be the budget. Sen. Holtzclaw believes that, “The major issue that we face every year is our budgets.  Dealing with our budget and trying to do the things the government is […]

  • December 18: Makenna Shaffer’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Makenna for this beautiful picture of a rainbow in a sunshower!  We love your umbrella, keep up the good art!

  • Rep. Howard Sanderford (R) 20th District

    Rep. Howard Sanderford making money for the state of Alabama

    Madison, Ala. (WHNT)- When Rep. Howard Sanderford (R) of District 20, was first elected in 1989, the Democrats held a House majority.  Things are quite a bit different these days with the Republicans holding a super majority.  He stopped at WHNT News 19 this week to reminisce about what it was like in the House in those days and what he hopes will happen in the upcoming session.  The budget, prison reform and the generation of revenue are all issues […]

  • December 12: John David Mason’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks John David for this great picture of a rainy day!  Keep up the good artwork!

  • December 11: Addi Embry’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Addi for this great picture of a sunny day!

  • Huntsville District  53 Rep. Anthony Daniels (D)

    Rep. Anthony Daniels talks about much needed reforms

    Huntsville Ala. (WHNT)-  It is District 53’s first year as a district of Huntsville and former teacher, Rep. Anthony Daniels (D) is proud to be its’ first Representative.  District 53 is comprised of the area west of the Parkway,  Martin Rd south to north Kelly Cemetery Rd. Rep. Daniels took the time to stop in at WHNT News 19 this week and discussed his opinions of the issues that face the city of Huntsville.  He feels that, “Education is one […]

  • December 4: Kasey Little’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Kasey for this beautiful drawing of a rainbow.  Loving all the colors and looking forward to seeing you at the Sketch the  Sky party!

  • Political analyst Jess Brown

    Political analyst Jess Brown talks Alabama politics

    Huntsville, Ala.  (WHNT)-  Dr. Jess Brown is a professor at Athens State University and WHNT News 19’s political analyst.  This week he stopped in to talk politics, giving his opinion on the upcoming legislative session with the super majority held by the Republican Party, the state of the general fund, and the possibility of a discussion on a lottery. Seventy five percent of the Senate and seventy percent of the House of Representatives are controlled by the Republican Party in […]

  • November 27: Rachel Wells’ Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Rachel for this awesome picture of some fall color just perfect for this Thanksgiving Day!

  • District 6 Representative Phil Williams (R)

    House Rep. Phil Williams talks about the upcoming session

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT)-  It is the beginning of another four year term in the Alabama State Senate and House.  District 6 Representative Phil Williams sat down with WHNT News 19 and discussed his excitement for the first session of the new term.  It will bring new opportunities, new faces, and the birth of new ideas on how to tackle some of Alabama’s biggest problems. Rep. Williams discusses some of the issues that Alabama will soon be forced to deal with […]

  • November 21: Will McKinley’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Will for this awesome picture of a sunny day!  Loving that sunshine and looking forward to seeing you at the Sketch the Sky party!

  • November 20: Swaay Ransom’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Swaay for this great picture of the Tennessee River at sunset!


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