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  • May 22: Margaret Dake’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Margaret for this beautiful picture of a clear night sky, keep up the good work!

  • Thank you Sophie for this great sketch, keep up the awesome artwork!

  • Leadership Perspectives: Kathy Hawk

    Political Science professor talks Iran deal, ISIS threat

    Huntsville, Ala (WHNT)-  Kathy Hawk is in the Navy Reserve in the intelligence field.  She has been to Iraq and will soon be deployed to Guantanamo Bay, but currently she is a political science professor at UA Huntsville.  This week she stopped by WHNT News 19 to give her perspective on international relations. The US and other allied nations are in the process of working out a deal with Iran to curtail their program to gain nuclear weapons.  The US […]

  • carter_malires

    Sketch the Sky: Carter Malires, May 13

    Thanks for the great sketch entry, Carter Malires!  We loved it.  We can’t wait to meet you at our Sketch the Sky Party.

  • Sketch the Sky, May12th, Adriana Naderi

    Thank you Adriana Naderi, for an excellent entry to Sketch the Sky, a wonderful sketch.   We look forward to seeing you at the next, Sketch the Sky, party.  

  • Sketch the Sky, May 11th, Laura Riley

    Thanks for the great Sketch, Laura Riley, of Huntsville, very pretty.   Cant wait to meet you at the next Sketch the Sky Party  

  • May 14: Cooper Malires’ Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Cooper for this great picture of a tree near a river.  What a beautiful scene, keep up the great work!!

  • May 8: Emma Weathers’ Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Emma for this great picture of a tropical sunset!  Looking forward to meeting you at the Sketch the Sky party!!

  • Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar, Temple B'nai Sholom

    Rabbi Bahar speaks about what it means to be a good neighbor in Huntsville

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT)-  Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar is rated as one of the 33 most inspirational rabbis in the country by The Jewish Daily Forward.  She has been the rabbi at Temple B’nai Sholom since 2009.  When asked how she felt, Rabbi Bahar said, “I’ll tell you, it’s a little overwhelming.  I guess I have to look forward to what’s coming next in my career, how I can continue to be inspiring.  I would say it’s probably once in a lifetime […]

  • May 7: Steve Johnson’s Sketch the Sky

    Morning Anchor Steve Johnson has some excellent coloring skills.  We love your peeping sunshine!!

  • gun_control400

    Police Chief Lewis Morris talks proposed gun control legislation

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT)-  Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris stopped by WHNT News 19 this week to discuss some proposed gun control legislation. A new piece of legislation has been proposed that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon in their vehicle without a permit.  Many law enforcement officers are not very fond of this proposed law.  Chief Morris feels that, “It’s pretty much going to give everyone an opportunity to be armed and that is kind of a scary […]

  • May 1: Casen Edwards’ Sketch the Sky

    We were all seriously impressed with your cumulus cloud skills Casen!!  Really looking forward to meeting you at the next Sketch the Sky party!


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