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  • Ray Vaughn, UAH Vice President for Research

    Expert discusses America’s cyber security problem

    Huntsville, Ala.  (WHNT)-  Cyber security is now a subject that most Americans have become familiar with.  Major retailers and health insurance providers get hacked all the time and there are people that are figuring out ways to stop it.  Ray Vaughn is the UAH Vice President of Research.  He is a retired US Army Colonel, computer scientist and a cyber security expert. Vaughn has been involved in the cyber security problem for more than twenty-five years, and it is one […]

  • February 27: Autumn Marlow’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks go to Autumn for this great picture of a snowman and a sign showing winter which way to exit.  We look forward to meeting you at the Sketch the Sky party!!  

  • February 26: Jenna Sanderson’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Jenna for this great picture of a warm sunny day!  We are ready for Spring to get here!

  • February 25: Emma Wagner’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Emma for this pretty picture of a sunny, breezy spring day.  We need warm thoughts with all the snow on the ground!  

  • February 24: Jack Wagner’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Jack for sending this forecast of snow.  We certainly got some!

  • February 23: Sophia Wilshusen’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Sophia for sending us this beautiful picture of a rainbow!  Looking forward to meeting you at the Sketch the Sky party!!

  • Congressman Robert Aderholt (R)

    Congressman Aderholt discusses pressing issues

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT)-  Republican Congressman Robert Aderholt has been in office since 1997 representing the fourth district of the State of Alabama.  Congressman Aderholt stopped in to WHNT News 19 to share his thoughts about the issues of the economy, the Affordable Healthcare Act, and sequestration in this weeks Leadership Perspectives. The economy appears to be getting stronger and Congressman Aderholt shares his thoughts on how our state is doing.  “I think the economy overall is improving some. I think […]

  • February 19: Hannah Wilson’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Hannah for this beautiful picture of a rainbow!  We love all of the pretty colors, keep up the good work!

  • February 18: Preston Littrell’s Sketch the Sky

    Thank you Preston for this great picture of playing outside!  Keep up the good artwork!

  • February 17: Anna Bowman’s Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Anna for this beautiful picture of a sunny day.  We could use some weather like this!

  • February 16: Rebecca Jones’ Sketch the Sky

    Thanks Rebecca for this great artwork of a cuddly puppy!  Keep up the good work!

  • Richard Myers, President of Hudsonalpha Institute of Biotechnology

    Richard Myers of Hudson Alpha talks genetics and genomics

    Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) –  HudsonAlpha is leading the study of human genetics and genomics.  Rick Myers is the President of the Institute for Biotechnology and describes his company’s mission. “We do a lot of  things there, but our basic mission is three-fold.  We do research to try to understand how life works and we happen to use these technologies and disciplines called genetics and genomics,” said Myers. “We also do a lot of teaching there, in particular, not just training […]


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