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Jerry Hayes is in his 36th year at WHNT News 19. He joined WHNT News 19 in March of 1979.

Jerry was born in Nashville, Tennessee. While working on his college degree at Middle Tennessee State University, he landed an internship at WTVF, the CBS affiliate in Nashville. After graduation, Jerry was hired as chief videotape editor in the News Department. In the fall of 1978, he moved to Huntsville. He was hired by WHNT as a reporter, but within a couple of weeks began producing and anchoring the weekend newscasts. After working as 10 o’clock co-anchor and then noon anchor, Jerry was moved to the 6 and 10 main anchor spot in November of 1983.

Jerry has literally been around the world gathering stories for WHNT NEWS 19. He’s reported from the White House and brought stories home from as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia. But some of his favorite memories are of interviewing and getting to know the boys in the band from Fort Payne. Jerry was the first television reporter to interview members of the group Alabama. Jerry loves country music. After all, he’s from Nashville. And in 2008 and 2010, Jerry was invited to be a guest announcer during a live portion of the Grand Ole Opry! He was thrilled to be a part of the radio show that he listened to with his great grandfather on Saturday nights.

Jerry’s been honored with numerous awards during his journalistic career. He’s a seven time Emmy nominee and two time winner! In 2010, he was inducted by the Nashville/Midsouth Chapter into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Silver Circle. Inductees are honored for their contributions to the television industry for 25 years or more in broadcasting.

Jerry was recognized with the Associated Press Television Award for Best News Anchor in Alabama in 2005 and 2006. And the Alabama Broadcasters Association presented Jerry its Abby award for News Anchor of the Year in 2008, 2011 and 2013. In 2012, he also won an Abby award for a feature story called “A Father’s Love”. Jerry was also honored with a Region 12 Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Sports Reporting in 2013.

When Jerry’s not at work, he loves spending time with family. He loves to fish, kayak, play golf and watch his Tennessee Titans! If you ever run into Jerry, say hello. He loves meeting the people who watch WHNT News 19. You can also email him at jerry.hayes@whnt.com.

Recent Articles
  • bridgeport-soldier

    Soldier surprises daughter at softball game after year-long deployment

    BRIDGEPORT, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s nothing more American than baseball, mom and apple pie. You can add something else to that list, a dad and daughter softball game. It looked like the entire town turned out for the game of the year Wednesday night at Charlie Smith field in Bridgeport. The coach of the Trouble Makers had put together an exhibition game for one reason, so number 8 could have the game of her life. Jaycee Garner got a hit […]

  • Restaurante El Azteca

    Two Businesses Using Same Kitchen Score Low

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: June 26, 2014 Restaurante el Azteca at 2723 Clinton Avenue in Huntsville: Score of 73 • Open employee soda stored in ice machine. • Failed to provide proof of completion of an approved food handlers manager’s course. • Live roaches observed under chest freezer. • Cow tongue cooked in the establishment was without a proper date marking. Taqueria Los Tres Riales at 2723 Clinton Avenue in Huntsville: Score of 73 • Different business but works out […]

  • waffle house

    The Third Time Isn’t Always The Charm

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: June 12, 2014 Waffle House #740 at 1507 Hwy. 72 East in Athens: Score of 76 • Roaches. • Dirty drink nozzles and dirty bins stored as clean. • Country ham in cooling unit 47F. Applebees at 1331 Hwy 72 East in Athens: Score of 77 • Damaged fryer baskets, damaged plastic trays. • Dirty can opener. • Rice 47F, shrimp 50F, steak 50F. • Improper drink in prep area. China 1 at 1441 Sunset Drive […]

  • Rancho Viejo

    Rancho Viejo: Same Score But Different Violations This Time

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: June 5, 2014 Rancho Viejo at 3402 Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals: Score of 82 • Various cleaners/toxic items stored with single service paper towels. 10 day was notice given. • Cheese dip sitting out at 64F. It was discarded. • Wastewater from dish machine backing up into the building/kitchen. Plumber called while inspector was there and problem was abated. Fammo’s at 616 Highway 31, Suite D in Athens: Score of 81 • Ribs at 115F. […]

  • Drake's Kitchen

    Restaurant Ratings Gets Rare Look Behind Kitchen Doors

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – This week, we’re cooking up something a little different for our Restaurant Ratings segment. We got a rare look at what goes on behind those kitchen doors. We went inside Drake’s on Whitesburg Drive where the staff turned a score that didn’t cut the mustard into one they’re proud to display now. Brandon True is one of the managers at Drake’s. He’s been in the bar and restaurant business for 16 years. “This is the first […]

  • Soldier’s Name Comes Home to Live Forever in Morgan County

    DECATUR, Ala (WHNT) – Memorial Day is a day to honor the brave men and women who have given their life for our country. This year, there’s a new name on the Morgan County Veterans Memorial in Priceville. It took more than 40 years to get it there. Three days before Robert Louis Bolan turned 17, his father walked with him to Decatur so he could enlist in the army. He told his dad he’d never regret signing for him […]

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    Restaurant Doesn’t Score Well for Fourth Time Since October 2012

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: May 22, 2014 Southern Fixin at 9565 Hwy 53 in Ardmore: Score of 72 • The interior of ice bin is dirty. • Cold holding: Cold buffet foods such as fruit salad 47F and beets 47F and cold food in walk-in-cooler such as pototo salad 48F and pork 47F did not meet temperature requirements. Overnight food in walk-in-cooler is discharged or thrown away into dumpster. • Employee’s drink bottle is on serving counter next to the utensils. Greek Gyro […]

  • lady rattlers

    Tanner Soccer Players Give a Blessing and Get Several Back

    TANNER, AL (WHNT) – The Tanner High School Lady Rattlers didn’t make it to the state soccer finals this year. In fact, they didn’t win a single game. In 12 matches, they gave up 90 goals and only scored one time. But what they lack in wins, they make up with heart. At the start of the season, they didn’t have a lot going for them, including being 800 dollars in the red. “Started in the hole, didn’t have a […]

  • RR Chicken Tenders

    Chicken Tenders Not Hot Enough!

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: May 15, 2014 Shoneys #1244 at 2615 Florence Blvd in Florence: Score of 84 • Ice machine needed cleaning. • Maintain all hazardous cold items at 41 F or below. Jiffy Food Store at 1809 Hwy. 72 E. in Athens: Score of 82 • Chicken tenders held at 116F Raceway # 231 at 11560 South Memorial Pkwy in Huntsville: Score of 79 • Anti-freeze was stored with food on the canned goods rack on one of the shelves. […]

  • carson's grill

    Warm Cheese Not On The Menu at Madison Restaurant

    Didn’t Cut the Mustard: Carson’s Grill at 12060 County Line Road in Madison: Score of 68 • Windex unlabeled and stored on dishwasher. • Cracked containers, chipped plates and damaged metal strainer. • Cheese 59F Craig’s Cafe and Gator Grill at 414 Montgomery Ave in Sheffield: Score of 78 • Unapproved big sprays and cleaners/toxic items stored with paper towels. Bug spray discarded. Paper towels moved to an approved area. • No date mark on gumbo. Real herb butter sitting […]

  • NEW_GenericWHNT_400x225

    ‘Project Synergy’ Nationwide Drug Raid Turns Up 11 Arrests in North Alabama

    TENNESSEE VALLEY, (WHNT) – It’s called Project Synergy. More than 35 state, local and federal law enforcement agencies were working with the Drug Enforcement Agency in a national synthetic drug takedown. There were raids in ten Alabama counties as part of the operation. So far, the operation is being called a huge success. Months of cooperation between local, state and federal authorities, pays off in a big way with more than 38 people arrested, so far. Authorities were able to […]

  • parkway_wreck400

    Three Hurt in Wreck on South Parkway, Traffic Slowed Near Charlotte Drive

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A wreck along Memorial Parkway between Charlotte Drive and Byrd Spring Road blocked traffic in the northbound lanes Monday afternoon. Two pickup trucks and a car wrecked around 1:30 p.m. HEMSI paramedics took three people to Huntsville Hospital.  Two people had minor injuries.  The third person was more seriously hurt, but is expected to recover. Police directed traffic in the northbound lanes around the wrecked vehicles.  Southbound traffic also moved slowly in the area as people […]


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