Jerry Hayes

Jerry Hayes is in his 33nd year at WHNT News 19. He joined WHNT News 19 in March of 1979.

Jerry was born in Nashville, Tennessee. While working on his college degree at Middle Tennessee State University, he landed an internship at WTVF, the CBS affiliate in Nashville. After graduation, Jerry was hired as chief videotape editor in the News Department. In the fall of 1978, he moved to Huntsville. He was hired by WHNT as a reporter, but within a couple of weeks began producing and anchoring the weekend newscasts. After working as 10 o'clock co-anchor and then noon anchor, Jerry was moved to the 6 and 10 main anchor spot in November of 1983.

Jerry has literally been around the world gathering stories for WHNT NEWS 19. He's reported from the White House and brought stories home from as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia. But some of his favorite memories are of interviewing and getting to know the boys in the band from Fort Payne. Jerry was the first television reporter to interview members of the group Alabama. Jerry loves country music. After all, he's from Nashville. And in 2008 and 2010, Jerry was invited to be a guest announcer during a live portion of the Grand Ole Opry! He was thrilled to be a part of the radio show that his great grandfather listened to on Saturday nights.

Jerry's been honored with numerous awards during his journalistic career. He’s a five time Emmy nominee and in 2010, was inducted by the Nashville/Midsouth Chapter into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Silver Circle. Inductees are honored for their contributions to the television industry for 25 years or more in broadcasting. Jerry was recognized with the Associated Press Television Award for Best News Anchor in Alabama in 2005 and 2006. And the Alabama Broadcasters Association presented Jerry its Abby award for Best Anchor in 2008 and 2011.

When Jerry's not at work, he loves spending time with family. He also enjoys playing golf and loves to fish. If you're ever out and about and you run into Jerry, say hello. He loves meeting the people who watch WHNT News 19.

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