Jason Simpson is WHNT News 19’s Chief Meteorologist. He joined our team in January 2012.

Raised in Holly Pond, Jason is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. Prior to joining WHNT News 19, he served as the morning meteorologist at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, working alongside longtime Chief Meteorologist James Spann from 2004 to 2011. Simpson actually began his career while still in college, interning at ABC 33/40 as well. After college, he worked at WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi, where he was Chief Meteorologist.

Jason was awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal for excellence in television weather in 2007. Simpson graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.

Jason has covered many weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes and blizzards. Jason was on the air April 27, 2011 and saw firsthand the magnitude of the destruction in different parts of Alabama. After the storm he took action, volunteering in devastated areas to help people rebuild and where he couldn’t go, he sent supplies.

A staunch advocate for science education in the classroom, Jason has been instrumental in building curriculum for elementary and middle school science classes through the “ABC’s of Weather” series that he produced for the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative.

Jason and his wife Lacey have two beautiful children: Walt (born in 2011) and Shelby (born in 2013).

Recent Articles
  • Shadows across a tropical sky in Guntersville, Alabama

    Dark lines in the sky? There’s a simple explanation for that!

    In between all of the awesome rainbow photos from Friday, Danita Dalrymple saw something else in the sky over Marshall County and writes: Driving across causeway in Guntersville on hwy 69 Friday evening around 7:15 pm. I was going South (East according to GPS) with the sun setting directly behind me and saw these dark rays.  What are they? Thanks Danita Those are shadows cast by the setting sun to the west as the light passes by (and gets blocked […]

  • Dutton Creek in Morgan County on 8/9/16

    Where’s the rain? Locally-heavy storms leave some soaked, others parched

    Scattered storms cannot get the job done for everyone; we need more widespread soaking rain to really put a dent in the drought! The chance of showers and storms for the rest of the week looks similar to how it’s been the past few days: some with a lot, a lot with a little. And some have had next to nothing lately. Steve Steele in the Penn Community west of Danville sent this photo of Dutton Creek on Tuesday.  He […]

  • UserName:Jared Pepper UserEmail:jpepfarms2@gmail.com PhoneNumber: Description:Storm coming from south east, right behind ELHS.

    Flash Flooding Possible: Locally-heavy storms may produce big amounts of rain this week

    Some of the drought’s hardest-hit areas (DeKalb, Jackson, Madison Counties in Alabama, northwestern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee) get the best shot at some real drought-denting rain in coming days; there’s a good chance of “locally-heavy rain” all over North Alabama and Southern Tennessee through the end of the week.   Track any storms that develop near you with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19! Updated guidance from NOAA’s WPC late Monday evening […]

  • A "disturbed" northwesterly flow brings a chance of scattered but heavy storms through the weekend

    Hot Friday! Mid-90s with more scattered storms

    The weather stays quiet overnight; however, a hot, humid air mass like this is capable of producing a stray shower or storm at almost any time.  In other words, don’t be totally surprised if you happen to find yourself under a brief shower by morning. Expect bus stop and morning commute temperatures in the mid-70s; we will hit the 90s by midday and climb toward a high of 96ºF (with a  feels like near 101ºF) between 1 PM and 5 […]

  • Heavy storms on August 3rd (green area is "best chance")

    Locally-heavy storms in Tennessee, North Alabama Wednesday afternoon

    A batch of heavy thunderstorms moving south from Tennessee impacts mainly the northwestern part of Alabama through 7 PM.  Any storms that develop could have wind gusts over 40 MPH, frequent lightning, and locally-heavy rainfall (more than one inch in a 30-60 minute time span). Track heavy storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19! Storms taper off after sunset Wednesday evening leaving us fair, warm and humid overnight. Thursday looks similar: […]

  • UserName:Bobby Collins. UserEmail:blc149@gmail.com PhoneNumber:2566945969 Description:Took this from fifth floor office a few minutes ago. Looking towards Madison.

    Strong storms in Tennessee Monday evening

    A complex of heavy storms in Middle Tennessee will kick off additional storms farther south this evening, and some of those could impact North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee through 10 PM. While most of us won’t get a drop of rain, isolated heavy storms (those in progress and any other that develop) could produce over an inch of rain, gusty winds, and frequent lightning. There are no plans for a Severe Thunderstorm Watch at this time, but the Storm […]

  • Storms possible early and again in the afternoon Tuesday

    More Hot Weather: school starts with more big-time heat

    Isolated showers on Monday evening quiet down before 10 PM, but a few more will develop overnight in Tennessee and make a run for the Alabama state line by daybreak. The chance of scattered downpours is better Tuesday afternoon, but expect very uneven rainfall in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. It’s more of the same for the rest of the week: hot and humid with a daily chance of some scattered heavy thunderstorms. Very hot, very humid: The period from […]

  • Regina Justice - Hartselle

    Bringing the Heat: summer 2016 one of the hottest on record

    Summer 2016 has been a hot one. The average daytime high of 93.6ºF through Thursday makes this summer (so far) the ninth-hottest on record in Huntsville. It’s also been dry, but the rainfall numbers at Huntsville International are a little skewed from some recent heavy storms nearby; 9.32” since June 1 is 40th-driest on record in Huntsville. On the other hand, Valley Head has only recorded 2.95” in that same time making it the third-driest period June-July period on record […]

  • UserName:linerate@gmail.com UserEmail:linerate@gmail.com PhoneNumber:2566824170 Description:Photo taken around 7:40pm in South Huntsville.

    Scattered heavy storms Thursday bring gusty winds, locally-heavy rain

    A tropical air mass over the Tennessee Valley means heavy downpours on Thursday afternoon and evening have the potential to drop a lot of rain in a short time: as much as 0.75″ to 1.25″ in less than 60 minutes. The heaviest storms slowly dissipate after 7 PM, and only light, spotty showers and sprinkles last beyond that through midnight. Refresh this page for the latest radar image: Track heavy storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the […]

  • Light rain/drizzle falling in Downtown Huntsville Thursday (Image: WHNT News 19)

    Clouds, occasional rain keep temperatures in the 80s Thursday

    Locally-heavy storms become more common on Thursday and Friday, but rainfall still looks very uneven. Some storms will be heavy enough to drop an inch to two inches of rain in less than an hour. We also expect to break the ninety-degree streak on Thursday and Friday, but the heat builds again next week. Don’t cancel your plans over the threat of rain! Track heavy storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert […]

  • FV3 offers 'zoom-in' capability when threats loom
An example of FV3's capability to zoom in on critical weather events: here, the model resolution has been enhanced to better represent hurricanes threatening the Southeastern US. The reverse side is coarser resolution because we are less concerned with that part of the world. By enhancing the resolution only over a part of the earth, we are able to economically get to ultra-high resolution simulations of important areas, or on a potentially-dangerous storm, anywhere around the globe. The colors represent the grid spacing lengths, and the grid is partially outlined in black. (NOAA)

    A Leap Forward: new concept, better forecasts

    If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “what do the models show for us?”  Forecast models are computer simulations of the atmosphere, and they do a decent job on the whole. These simulations are a two-edged sword, though.  Sometimes the high-degree of detail gives a false sense of certainty while giving us good clues to what the real-world weather will be like out as far as 10 to 15 days now. NOAA announced on Tuesday a […]

  • lightning taken at Huntsville dragway. (photo courtesy of Chris Sears)

    Storms become heavier and more widespread later in the week

    Isolated thunderstorms continue through the early evening; some of them get heavy at times producing a lot of rain, wind gusts over 30 MPH and frequent lightning. Where it does not rain it’s just hot; expect temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s through 9 PM with only a small chance of any one spot getting rain. Wednesday starts out warm and humid, but a better chance of afternoon showers and storms keeps the excessive heat down a little: […]