Jason Simpson is WHNT News 19’s Chief Meteorologist. He joined our team in January 2012.

Raised in Holly Pond, Jason is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. Prior to joining WHNT News 19, he served as the morning meteorologist at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, working alongside longtime Chief Meteorologist James Spann from 2004 to 2011. Simpson actually began his career while still in college, interning at ABC 33/40 as well. After college, he worked at WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi, where he was Chief Meteorologist.

Jason was awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal for excellence in television weather in 2007. Simpson graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.

Jason has covered many weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes and blizzards. Jason was on the air April 27, 2011 and saw firsthand the magnitude of the destruction in different parts of Alabama. After the storm he took action, volunteering in devastated areas to help people rebuild and where he couldn’t go, he sent supplies.

A staunch advocate for science education in the classroom, Jason has been instrumental in building curriculum for elementary and middle school science classes through the “ABC’s of Weather” series that he produced for the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative.

Jason and his wife Lacey have two beautiful children: Walt (born in 2011) and Shelby (born in 2013).

Recent Articles
  • Record warmth sets up some rain and storms Wednesday

    Spotty showers around tonight won’t amount to much, and it stays warm and humid through the night. Expect lows in the middle 60s. Wednesday looks like another record-setter with a high of 79ºF (record: 76ºF in 1922). The bulk of our expected rain stays northwest of Alabama through most of the day; however, some scattered showers are possible at almost any time. Rain becomes more likely as the day wears on; look for more widespread rain and a few locally-heavy […]

  • Monday night’s fireball over South Carolina seen as far away as Alabama!

    The first reports of Monday night’s bright fireball came in between 9 PM and 9:30 PM CST, and it turns out it was high in the atmosphere over South Carolina a little west of Greenville. Dr. Bill Cooke from NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center captured it on several cameras and tells us this: ‘Last night at 9:57 PM Eastern Standard Time (8:57 PM Central), eyewitnesses in the southeastern United States reported seeing a bright meteor, […]

  • February’s unusual warmth means more rain and some heavy storms soon

    It may feel stormy outside, but we don’t see a major threat of ‘severe’ storms this week. A slow-moving, relatively weak storm system drags a cold front into the region and leaves it sitting here for a few days from Wednesday to Friday. In that period, as much as 1” to 3” of rain are possible; that could lead to some flooding, but the ingredients for significant severe weather look to be minimal at best. Might there be a few […]

  • More showers come on Saturday with a brief break in rain early Sunday

    We’re heading into the third rainy weekend in a row. Scattered showers are already moving into the Tennessee Valley and will only become more widespread as we head through the morning. We’ll have a few waves of rain moving in from the west today, keeping on-again, off-again rain showers around all day. A few pockets of heavy rainfall are certainly possible, but most of the rain will be light. Temperatures will struggle to warm up much today due to cloudy […]

  • Rain, rain and more rain! Any sun in sight?

    Rain tapers off early Thursday morning; that early-day rain accounts for most the ‘rain chance’ Thursday (only 10%). Most of the day looks dry; however, we won’t see a lot of sunshine. Temperatures could briefly go up toward the mid-70s Thursday afternoon should the clouds break in a few spots for more than 60 to 90 minutes! More rain comes in by Friday and for the weekend, too. Remember this?  I thought it would be fun to see just how well […]

  • Frigid Friday Morning: ‘feels like’ temps nearly 40ºF colder than Thursday

    Rain moves out tonight as cold, dry air blows into the region. ‘Feels like’ temperatures by Friday morning plunge into the lower 10s and single digits. Some of the rain could briefly change to snow in northeastern Alabama between 10 PM and 1 AM; however, no accumulation of snow or ice is expected! The better chance of some light accumulations (up to 1-2”) comes over the Cumberland Plateau toward the Smokies. Groundhog Day: Pick your favorite furry critter whether he be […]

  • Close calls with wintry weather in early February

    January ends in Huntsville with only 1.52″ of total rainfall and a whopping 0.4″ of measured snowfall. ‘Normal’ January snowfall is 1.1″ averaged out over the 1981-2010 climate period. The average temperature was -3.5ºF off the norm for the month, and that meager amount of rainfall is the fifth-lowest January rainfall total on record in Huntsville. Why? The same pattern that brought the cold shut down the normal storm track that would supply as much as 4″ to 5″ of […]

  • Clear & Cold: good view of the Super Blue Blood Moon and a warm-up on Wednesday

    Talk about a change! Temperatures were as much as 15 to 20 degrees colder Tuesday afternoon compared to Monday; tomorrow, we’ll be up about 10 to 15 degrees across the board. Expect a freeze tonight: 10-12 hours at or below freezing with the low coming in around 24ºF to 29ºF. A strong high pushing cold air in Monday slips east of the region on Wednesday allowing warmer air to return from the south; a southerly wind around 10 to 15 […]

  • Back-and-Forth from cold to mild: ‘normal’ for late January

    Colder air breezing through the region tonight and early Tuesday will really bring the chill! Expect a temperature plunge toward the mid-20s tonight; the breeze will make it feel more like the upper 10s and lower 20s by morning. Tuesday stacks up as the coldest of the past ten days with a high only reaching the 40s in the afternoon. Expect full sunshine and a light breeze Tuesday, and we’ll get another hard freeze Tuesday night before a slight, brief […]

  • Fireball over the Midwest seen as far south as Alabama Thursday night

    Did you see it? A fireball lit up the sky over Tennessee and North Alabama Thursday evening, January 18th. Dr. Bill Cooke from NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office tells us it was actually high above Missouri and still bright enough to be seen as far away as Florence, Alabama and Franklin County, Tennessee. From Dr. Cooke: Last evening numerous eyewitnesses in the Midwestern states (some as far south as Alabama) reported seeing a bright meteor at 7:08 PM Central Standard Time […]

  • Shifting Stream: a major pattern change stops the Arctic express for now!

    Change is in the air, but you can’t feel it yet! Wednesday morning’s lows between 1ºF and 8ºF made it one of the coldest mornings this decade. Winchester dropped to 1ºF, Skyline was at 2ºF, and Huntsville International officially dropped to 7ºF. One ‘unofficial’ report from Keel Mountain showed -0.8ºF this morning in eastern Madison County, and there were a host of reports showing anything from 2ºF to 10ºF to start the day; daytime highs only touched 25ºF in Huntsville […]

  • Frigid Air Takes Over: lows below 10ºF tonight, icy roads stay frozen

    Some of the coldest air this decade combined with a light covering of snow in Alabama and Tennessee sets up a frigid, dangerously cold night.  While many primary roads are passable, numerous county roads and city streets in the region are ice-covered.  Temperatures falling below 10ºF tonight (as cold as -3ºF to 0ºF where we have a clear sky over fresh snow) ensure snow or ice on area roads stays through the morning. School and business closings on WHNT.com The […]