Jason Simpson

Jason Simpson is WHNT News 19’s Chief Meteorologist. He joined our team in January 2012.

Raised in Holly Pond, Jason is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. Prior to joining WHNT News 19, he served as the morning meteorologist at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, working alongside longtime Chief Meteorologist James Spann from 2004 to 2011. Simpson actually began his career while still in college, interning at ABC 33/40 as well. After college, he worked at WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi, where he was Chief Meteorologist.

Jason was awarded the American Meteorological Society's Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal for excellence in television weather in 2007. Simpson graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.

Jason has covered many weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes and blizzards. Jason was on the air April 27, 2011 and saw firsthand the magnitude of the destruction in different parts of Alabama. After the storm he took action, volunteering in devastated areas to help people rebuild and where he couldn’t go, he sent supplies.

A staunch advocate for science education in the classroom, Jason has been instrumental in building curriculum for elementary and middle school science classes through the "ABC's of Weather" series that he produced for the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative.

Jason and his wife Lacey have two beautiful children: Walt (born in 2011) and Shelby (born in 2013).

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    Taken from top of Highland Medical Center in Scottsboro, AL. (Photo: Stacey Burton)