Jason Simpson is WHNT News 19’s Chief Meteorologist. He joined our team in January 2012.

Raised in Holly Pond, Jason is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley. Prior to joining WHNT News 19, he served as the morning meteorologist at ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, working alongside longtime Chief Meteorologist James Spann from 2004 to 2011. Simpson actually began his career while still in college, interning at ABC 33/40 as well. After college, he worked at WTOK-TV in Meridian, Mississippi, where he was Chief Meteorologist.

Jason was awarded the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal for excellence in television weather in 2007. Simpson graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.

Jason has covered many weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes and blizzards. Jason was on the air April 27, 2011 and saw firsthand the magnitude of the destruction in different parts of Alabama. After the storm he took action, volunteering in devastated areas to help people rebuild and where he couldn’t go, he sent supplies.

A staunch advocate for science education in the classroom, Jason has been instrumental in building curriculum for elementary and middle school science classes through the “ABC’s of Weather” series that he produced for the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative.

Jason and his wife Lacey have two beautiful children: Walt (born in 2011) and Shelby (born in 2013).

Recent Articles
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    Sizzling heat ends, rumors of storms begin

    Muscle Shoals tied a record high at 98ºF;  Huntsville and Decatur topped out at 97ºF, and even Scottsboro and Fort Payne reported temperatures as high as 96ºF briefly on Friday afternoon.  Can it just be Fall? Not yet. Saturday and Sunday still look very hot and dry, but there are some signs of change next week: a cold front, some showers and storms, and more seasonable weather for the Tennessee Valley in late September. Looking for more specifics about the […]

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    What caused the lines in the sky Monday, and is there any chance of cooler weather?

    As the sun set Monday evening, there was a small shower beyond the Tennessee Valley’s horizon in just the right spot for a neat optical effect: a “cloud shadow.” That little shower was over 400 miles away and only 15,000 feet tall (based on radar echo tops), but that view was spectacular if you got to see it. Things like this are commonly visible if you’ve got the presence of mind to stop and enjoy the sights in the sky now and […]

  • Little River Canyon, DeKalb County (Alabama Department of Tourism)

    Hope for cooler days? The heat may finally back down by late September

    It was hot again Wednesday.  Huntsville and Muscle Shoals hit 95ºF; Decatur hit 96ºF.  Huntsville has recorded ninety-four days of 90ºF heat this summer; it has been at or above 95ºF forty-nine times (7th-highest count on record). Thursday’s looking hot, too: Tropical Storm Julia near the East Coast wrapped up most of the tropical moisture and is helping force drier air southwest from the Carolinas into the Tennessee Valley. That’s why our rain chances have fallen so dramatically since early […]

  • Moonlit view of Tropical Storm #Julia captured by the Suomi NPP #VIIRS Day/Night band last night./CIMMS

    Tropical Storm Julia won’t be moving much this week

    The National Hurricane Center says that swirl off Florida’s coast is now officially Tropical Storm Julia: winds sustained near 40 MPH.  This is no threat to the Alabama or Florida Gulf Coast, but it will impact the Atlantic Coast. TROPICAL STORM JULIA ADVISORY NUMBER 4 NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL AL112016 500 PM EDT WED SEP 14 2016 ...JULIA CONTINUES MOVING NORTHEASTWARD JUST OFF THE SOUTHEAST UNITED STATES COAST... SUMMARY OF 500 PM EDT...2100 UTC...INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------- LOCATION...32.1N 80.5W ABOUT […]

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    James L. Cowart Elementary Kindergarten Kidcam!

    Did you have a good day?  If not, I have the remedy for it: Kindergarteners.  There’s no way you can visit with these innocent smiling faces and walk away feeling like a million bucks.  These young ladies and gentlemen are from James L. Cowart Elementary in Athens; I got to spend a few minutes with them before lunch today, and I learned some interesting things.  They love snow, they know a lot about water, and they even know what hibernation is! […]

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    A hot summer even by Alabama standards: where 2016 falls in the record books

    There are numerous ways to measure how hot the summer has been; on WHNT News 19 we have used two different methods to describe it: high temperatures only and the average daily temperatures (high and low).  Huntsville only had one 100-degree day, but we have had 48 days above 95ºF and 93 days above 90ºF.  Both of those numbers are well above the norm over the past 50 years. Dr. John Christy is Alabama’s State Climatologist, and he has a very […]

  • Mike Wilhelm, Cullman County (9/12/16)

    Low chance of a lot of rain: spotty storms more likely Tuesday through the weekend

    It’s a low chance of rain, but it’s not a low chance of a sprinkle!  Any storms that develop near you this week may bring heavy rain, gusty winds, and intense lightning.  Track this week’s scattered storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19! Here’s the thing about “scattered storms:” they are uneven by nature. A 20% chance of storms does not mean “light rain,” and a 50% chance of storms does not mean “heavy […]

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    Chapman Sixth Grade Kidcam!

    I learn something new every time I go visit a school – even schools I’ve been to many times before!  When I visited Chapman’s Sixth Grade last year, I wore mismatched shoes.  This year the shoes matched, but we had a lot of fun anyway! This crew has grown to 141 students, and Mrs. Bates teaches every single one of them in their science block (talk about a job)!  Sixth Grade is the first year these students get a class […]

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    Blossomwood Sixth Grade Kidcam!

    Sixth Grade on a Friday afternoon?  Why not!  These young ladies and gentlemen gave me their attention for about an hour Friday to chat about weather, water, and a lot of other things meteorologists do.  Visiting schools is one of the best parts of my job, and it’s even better when the students are as engaged and bright as this group. We talked about why definitions of things matter and why looking at the “big picture” is important in making […]

  • Another very hot day!  At least the humidity is low.

    Burning Daylight: days are getting shorter, but the temperature is staying hot!

    Have you noticed the days getting shorter?  We lost 2 minutes and 7 seconds of daylight Thursday.  The stadium lights will be shining a little brighter Friday night as the sun sets just right around 7:02 PM.  Get this: the sun sets 31 minutes earlier by the end of the month!  If only we could get temperatures to come down to make it feel more like Fall as it’s starting to look more like Fall! The first eight days of September […]

  • More very hot weather for Thursday, still no substantial threat of rain or storms

    More excessively hot September weather

    Huntsville’s high Wednesday hit 97ºF. That’s eight degrees above “average” for September 7th, but it’s far short of the record high for the date: 108ºF in 1925 (also the hottest September temperature on record in Huntsville). September is the time it starts to get cooler, though, right? Sometimes. Not always. While we don’t expect it to be that hot this week, we will be a shade off of 100ºF on Thursday and Friday. Thursday starts out comfortably mild: temperatures in […]

  • Photo by Ramona Edwards

    No September cool-downs coming yet

    We are steadily moving toward Fall. The signs are there: hummingbird migration underway, some leaves already changing (controlled by daily sunlight supply – not temperature), and it’s dry like Fall usually is. But it was blazing out there on Monday. Huntsville hit 96ºF.  The average high temperature since September 1 stands at 93.3ºF: a solid 5 degrees above average for the first six days of the month. If there’s any comfort to be found, it’s in the low relative humidity. […]