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Jake Reed joined WHNT News 19 in May 2014 as a meteorologist. Jake is originally from Jackson, Mississippi, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mississippi State University in 2012 with a degree in Meteorology. Some of Jake's studies included winter weather forecasting, tropical meteorology, severe storms forecasting, and Spanish.

Jake most recently worked as a meteorologist at KAUZ in Wichita Falls, Texas. Jake says his time in the southern Plains exposed him to a wide variety of weather. From tornadoes, snow, ice, and drought, Texas has it all. In fact, Jake's first day on air with KAUZ included five hours of wall-to-wall tornado coverage. Jake also created and hosted multiple interactive community severe weather preparedness forums last spring. Prior to Texas, Jake worked as a producer and meteorologist for the number one station in Mississippi, WLBT in Jackson. A portion of Jake's on air work was voted second best weathercast by the Associated Press in the large television market division last year. Jake has also done on-air weather work for WAPT in Jackson, MS, and WCBI in Columbus, MS.

Jake is an avid outdoorsman. From hunting to fishing, if it's outdoors, Jake probably enjoys it. Jake is thrilled to now be closer to home and in an area that has so much to offer outdoors. He is excited to explore the Tennessee Valley and you may catch him out navigating some of the less-traveled roads.

Jake also enjoys writing, public speaking, studying history and geography, music, and nature photography. He also likes keeping up with the latest research in meteorology, particularly in how meteorology is related to social science: How do people perceive and receive weather information in this now-digital age?

The tornado outbreaks in April 2011 gave Jake firsthand experience in not only covering severe weather, but seeing what kind of power and damage only those types of storms can unleash. Jake was a junior at Mississippi State at the time and was interning with WAPT in Jackson, MS. A storm on April 15, 2011, produced an EF-3 tornado in Clinton, MS, a town where Jake spent most of his childhood. He says seeing the damage firsthand on the ground in a place he grew up left him with something he remembers every time there is severe weather. Jake was also on the ground in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, just days after the deadly EF-4 tornado tore across the state on April 27.

If you have a weather question or would like to contact Jake, e-mail him!

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