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Greg Screws co-anchors WHNT News 19 at 6:00 p.m. and WHNT News 19 at 9:00 p.m. on WHNT2.

Greg is very much in demand as a public speaker. His life experience of covering news, sports, personalities and overcoming life's difficulties makes for great after dinner and public speaking.

If there is a topic that requires an opinion, Greg will give you one. His favorite saying is "Right or wrong, I am rarely in doubt."

Greg also brings you a weekly Taking Action feature, Deal or Dud. In "Deal or Dud," Greg will test various products to see if they live up to their promises. Do you know of a product you'd like Greg to test? Maybe a company promises their product will give you better gas mileage, or their fertilizer will help your flowers grow more than you've ever seen. Email Greg about a particular product on our Deal or Dud page on WHNT.com. You can see these stories each Wednesday on WHNT News 19 at 10:00 p.m.

Growing up in Hartselle, Greg had an unspectacular basketball career which led him to become a little league parent as his daughter played hoops. Despite having Greg give her tips on how to play basketball, Emily became a very good player who played on a team that finished second in the AAU nationals and won the state sports festival three years in a row.

After leaving Hartselle and realizing higher education was a challenge in addition to being a goal, Greg went to the University of Alabama. His "brush with greatness moment" at the University of Alabama was seeing Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant in a Shoney's Restaurant. Greg majored in Communications at Alabama and worked at WCFT television before moving to WVTM in Birmingham. Greg's stop in Birmingham television sparked his love of NASCAR and is also where he realized weathermen rarely pick up the check at lunch.

From there, Greg traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a stop at WRIC television. There Greg worked with Chip Tarkenton, the nephew of NFL great Fran Tarkenton. His friendship with Chip ended when Fran and Greg got into a heated discussion at Thanksgiving over the NFL Greats' lack of success in Super Bowls. From Richmond, Greg moved back to Huntsville where he did sports and morning television for eight years. After 25 years in television, Greg had the itch to take a sabbatical and worked for 15 months with United Way of Madison County.

"Working at United Way of Madison County was a remarkably rewarding experience," Screws said. "Thanks to the United Way of Madison County I realized how much I didn't know about my own community, and am resolved to place community service as a priority in my life."

But it took the call from a friend to make Greg start thinking television news once again. "Denise Vickers is one of the best news directors in the country," said Greg. "I was flattered when she called and wanted me immediately to be on WHNT's team of sharp and focused managers who take their work and craft very seriously."

Greg's daughter Emily works at the University of Alabama. Once Greg asked if she wanted to work in television and Emily said "you have to be kidding me." Emily is very patient when her father calls her at least three times a day.

Recent Articles
  • Scratch-dini not great

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There are several car scratch repair kits on the market. And just about everyone we tested left a lot to be desired. The Scratch-dini is just another one in the pack.   The Scratch-dini cost us $9.99 and we got it at a big discount store. The Scratch-dini has huge claims on the packaging. The Scratch-dini says “wipe it on, scratch is gone.” The packaging also says it will do it in 30 seconds. We tried it […]

  • Bacon

    Bacon Always a Deal. So is the Nordic Ware Bacon Rack.

    In the life of Deal or Dud,  to the kitchen products we often test, have managed to eat pretty well. The newsroom favorite for a test seems to be anything related to bacon. Can’t go wrong with bacon. A viewer emailed asking we test something called the Nordic Ware Microwave Safe Bacon Rack. The reason it caught her attention was that it was cheap. The price of the rack was only $6.99. The viewer directed us to the store so […]

  • ProFusion

    Car Scratch Repair OK. Barely.

        Many people have uttered a curse or two when finding a scratch on their car. If you go to a car parts store, there are several products that claim to fix scratches, especially clear coat scratches. The latest has a big name attached to it, DuPont, and is also making the “As Seen on TV” circuit. It’s called the Pro-Fusion Scratch Repair Stick.   It sells for $9.99. It works like a lot of scratch repair products. There is a […]

  • Mighty Mug

    Mighty Mug a Crazy Deal

    The Mighty Mug cost $19.99.    I found it in a home store and just about brought the whole operation to a halt.  Other customers came over to the aisle I was in and started playing with the Mighty Mug. The Mighty Mug is billed as a mug that won’t turn over.  It holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage.   If you have ever spilled coffee on your computer keyboard, this product may be for you. The “won’t turn over” part? […]

  • Sarah Palin speaks as New Hope's Class of 2014 graduation.

    Sarah Palin Gives Commencement Speech at New Hope Graduation

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – New Hope High School students had a graduation to remember Wednesday night. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin delivered the commencement speech for the 77 seniors of the New Hope High School Class of 2014 at the Von Braun Center. Sarah Palin told the crowd that the thing she liked about New Hope was how important guns, God, and the Constitution are–and that made the former VP candidate and husband Todd feel right at home. Say […]

  • Snackeez_Color_Combination-300x200

    Snackeez a Deal

    The Snackeez is one of those bizarre products you find in the “As Seen on TV” aisle of drug stores. The product must be selling pretty well because it has morphed into the aisle at big box home stores. Simply, the Snackeez is a 2-in-1 snack & drink cup. The drink part of the cup, the bottom half, holds 16 ounces. The top half, the snack half, holds four ounces. You twist off the top half, so you can fill […]

  • Microtouch

    MicroTouch One Shave Setup a Deal

    It’s an old school razor. The MicroTouch One Classic Safety Razor has a classic style. It’s not a high-tech blade with the futuristic Star Trek design that many razors have now. It’s the old school razor blade that your dad or granddad might have used. The funny thing about this safety razor is it’s designed by one of the guys from Pawn Stars. Luckily it’s not Chumlee.   Chumlee with razor blades is a scary thought. Here is how the MicroTouch […]

  • Burst

    The “Burst” a Deal

    The “Burst” is the latest mini-speaker to hit the market. Mini-speakers are perfect, if they work, for trips to the beach or lake. They would probably work for a birthday party also. We tested the Burst with a decibel counter.   I downloaded some Beethoven on my smart phone. At maximum volume, my phone played the music in the upper sixties to lower seventies. After plugging the Burst into my phone, the decibel count was easily in the upper nineties and […]

  • Apple

    ‘Wedge & Pop’ Apple Slicer a Deal

    If you like apples, this Deal or Dud story may appeal to you. There is a product called the Wedge & Pop. It’s a product that has very sharp blades and makes quick work of an apple. It slices an apple into eight easy pieces. But there is a really cool part of the Wedge and Pop. It has a base that you can flip over after you slice the apple, and it pops the slices out leaving the core. […]

  • veggetti_500

    Veggetti A Goofy Deal

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s amazing how many products are in the marketplace that have a thousand ways to cut, slice, dice, julienne, chop, or blend food. The Veggetti is one of the strangest I think. It cost $12.99. The Veggetti works like a giant pencil sharpener. You put a potato, squash, a zucchini, or something in that ballpark and jam in the end. You put a little muscle behind it, push it in, and turn it.  The really sharp […]

  • xhose_pro

    XHose Pro a Deal

    The original XHose we made a “Dud.” But this version is different - and we like it. It will cost you more, though.

  • bacon-bowl-mold-300x250

    Bacon Bowl a Deal

    The Perfect Bacon Bowl is a popular item.  It made the transition from “As Seen on TV” to “Big-Box” stores. It costs $10.99. The Perfect Bacon Bowl is actually a mold. You wrap the bacon around the mold the way the directions say and then cook it. You can cook it in a microwave, oven, or  toaster oven. The first strange thing was the directions say you have to use cooking oil or spray on the mold. But you aren’t supposed to […]


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