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Greg Screws co-anchors WHNT News 19 at 5:00 p.m. and WHNT News 19 at 6:00 p.m.

Greg is very much in demand as a public speaker. His life experience of covering news, sports, personalities and overcoming life's difficulties makes for great after dinner and public speaking.

If there is a topic that requires an opinion, Greg will give you one. His favorite saying is "Right or wrong, I am rarely in doubt."

Greg also brings you a weekly Taking Action feature, Deal or Dud. In "Deal or Dud," Greg will test various products to see if they live up to their promises. Do you know of a product you'd like Greg to test? Maybe a company promises their product will give you better gas mileage, or their fertilizer will help your flowers grow more than you've ever seen. Email Greg about a particular product on our Deal or Dud page on WHNT.com. You can see these stories each Wednesday on WHNT News 19 at 10:00 p.m.

Growing up in Hartselle, Greg had an unspectacular basketball career which led him to become a little league parent as his daughter played hoops. Despite having Greg give her tips on how to play basketball, Emily became a very good player who played on a team that finished second in the AAU nationals and won the state sports festival three years in a row.

After leaving Hartselle and realizing higher education was a challenge in addition to being a goal, Greg went to the University of Alabama. His "brush with greatness moment" at the University of Alabama was seeing Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant in a Shoney's Restaurant. Greg majored in Communications at Alabama and worked at WCFT television before moving to WVTM in Birmingham. Greg's stop in Birmingham television sparked his love of NASCAR and is also where he realized weathermen rarely pick up the check at lunch.

From there, Greg traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a stop at WRIC television. There Greg worked with Chip Tarkenton, the nephew of NFL great Fran Tarkenton. His friendship with Chip ended when Fran and Greg got into a heated discussion at Thanksgiving over the NFL Greats' lack of success in Super Bowls. From Richmond, Greg moved back to Huntsville where he did sports and morning television for eight years. After 25 years in television, Greg had the itch to take a sabbatical and worked for 15 months with United Way of Madison County.

"Working at United Way of Madison County was a remarkably rewarding experience," Screws said. "Thanks to the United Way of Madison County I realized how much I didn't know about my own community, and am resolved to place community service as a priority in my life."

But it took the call from a friend to make Greg start thinking television news once again. "Denise Vickers is one of the best news directors in the country," said Greg. "I was flattered when she called and wanted me immediately to be on WHNT's team of sharp and focused managers who take their work and craft very seriously."

Greg's daughter Emily works at the University of Alabama. Once Greg asked if she wanted to work in television and Emily said "you have to be kidding me." Emily is very patient when her father calls her at least three times a day.

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    Alzheimers and Dementia Care: What happens when your aging parent faces this?

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A parent getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia is one of the scariest things a grown child can endure. The numbers of new Alzheimer's cases are ominous.

  • will

    Caring for the Aging: Why it’s crucial to develop a legal strategy ahead of time

    TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Here in Alabama, we love football. You hear the term ‘game plan’ a lot. A good game plan really saves you trouble. It lets everyone know what’s happening. In our series of reports on Taking Action for our Aging Parents, we focus on how important a game plan is to a family. In a good game plan, everyone is on the same page. A bad game plan, or no game plan for those years can bring […]

  • holding_hands

    Talking about Aging: How to start the conversation with your parents and develop a strategy now

    TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – A milestone in life, a painful milestone, is when we realize our parents need more help than the children can give. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action for our aging parents. In this report, we talk with experts about how to craft a caring strategy for the last phase of our parents’ lives. The first step is to come up with a plan.  However, the need for that plan often comes from an illness, an accident, or […]

  • Yeti banner

    Yeti a Deal

    I love the way products are named. There is a whole line of products, expensive products, named “Yeti.” They range from tumblers to coolers. To digress a bit … The “Yeti” is a legendary figure that roams the Himalayans and capable, if crossed, of great mayhem. (For all you Star Wars fans … think Wampa.) But since it’s a “cold thing” a name like the “Yeti” would suggest that it keeps anything cold. We tested, at the request of a […]

  • Car wash product a Deal

    The “Three-In-One Car Wash” cost only $2.99. It comes with three pieces. One is a wash and wax sponge. Another is a detailing and degreaser sponge. It also comes with a chamois for drying. The “Three-In-One” claims to be good for eight car washes. But before we start, there is some business about the “fun” of car washes. I hate washing cars. Of all the things I hate the most, washing cars falls somewhere between getting a tetanus shot and […]

  • Toasted cheese device, ‘Mr. Melt’ not good

    I’m all about a toasted cheese or grilled cheese sandwich.  Love them. It stems from when I would get home from Mrs. Lockhart’s kindergarten class. Mom would make tomato soup and a grilled cheese for me to eat while “As the World Turns” was on the small black-and-white television. All that drama with Penny, Dr. Hughes, and Lisa … there I was slurping soup and sandwiches …listening to the stuff that adults do in those soap operas. Yes. I took […]


    Close call for Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel

    MOBILE, Ala. (WHNT)- Twiggy the Skiing Squirrel escaped tragedy Saturday afternoon.According to our news partners at AL.com, a spectator unintentionally knocked a loudspeaker into the act’s makeshift pool during a performance at the Mobile Boat Show. Twiggy’s owner, LouAnn Best said the speaker landed about 2 feet in front of the miniature boat pulling the 7-year-old female squirrel’s plastic skis. The skis are tethered by a cable another couple feet behind the boat’s stern. “Twiggy has gotten loose before, but […]

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    ArmorTech Screen Protector a Dud

    The ArmorTech Shatter Resistant Screen Protector has a great challenge on the front of its packaging. There is a hammer on the front and the packaging says the screen is shatter resistant — it gives you the impression the protective covering can’t be shattered. That sounds like a challenge! It’s a covering for several lines of smart phones and cost $9.99. This test is pretty simple. We got a hammer and hit it twice. We didn’t think we hit the screen as hard as […]

  • WHNT.com

    Text of Governor Bentley’s State of the State Address

    The full text of Governor Bentley’s State of the State Address: Lieutenant Governor Ivey, Speaker Hubbard, President Marsh, distinguished guests, members of the Alabama Legislature, Chief Justice Moore, members of the Alabama Supreme Court and My Fellow Alabamians. 22 years ago Alabama stunned the world when one of the most advanced auto manufacturers in the world chose our state for its first U-S Assembly plant. The men and women elected to lead Alabama, so determined to change our state for […]

  • Governor makes case for more state tax money

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Tuesday night, Governor Robert Bentley laid out his vision for the state of Alabama’s future. The biggest challenge most political analysts say is a massive $700 million budget gap. Mr. Bentley wasted no time making his case for tax increases. “The budget I will send you will contain 8 separate tax increase proposals – which are fair and necessary – for a total of $541 – Million dollars in estimated increased revenue. We must also free up […]

  • Squishy Sand

    ‘Squishy Sand’ a Deal

    I was first introduced to Squishy Sand by WHNT News 19’s David Kumbroch.  Kumbroch is a reporter who reads books and stuff.  He’s a smart guy, and he also has a tray of Squishy Sand at his desk he uses as a relaxation tool. Now, he’s never told me exactly that he uses it as a relaxation tool, but that has to be the reason. Kumbroch’s pulse is in single digits most days and this has to be the explanation. […]

  • Students at Albertville Primary School prove good beats evil

    ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – More often than not, good wins over bad.  Some children in Albertville are proof.  They did their best to make up for the mistakes of grownups who should know better. Last week, a vandal broke into the Liberty Learning Foundation’s tour bus, causing up to $30,000 in damage.  Students at Albertville Primary School learned of this and jumped into action. “On Wednesday, we started seeing these reports from a school we had just been to in previous […]


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