David Wood

David Wood was the recipient of the Alabama Associated Press Stan Tarilton Photographer award for two consecutive years and most recently became a two-time Emmy award winning Videojournalist.
David is a Huntsville native and a graduate of Decatur's Austin High School and UAHuntsville. He has been with WHNT News 19 since 2007.

David was highly involved in community theater in middle school, high school and college and loves the art of storytelling.

With his career as a "one-man-band" videojournalist; interviewing, writing, editing and reporting, it's David's job every day to artfully marry captivating imagery with the written word.

In October 2011, David finished the largest and most comprehensive project he's ever worked on here at the station -- a 30-minute commercial free special report that reflects on the six month anniversary of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. Watch 'Reflections: After The Storm'.

Now, David can check the "film, produce, write and edit a 30 minute program" box off his check list.

David enjoys spending time outdoors with his daughter, Isabella. He also likes still photography and LOVES a good movie.

A big jokester and impersonator around the station, David likes to inject a bit of jest, humor and creativity into his reports whenever possible.

From the serious to the silly, you can see what David had up his sleeve next on WHNT News 19 weekdays at 5:00, 6:00 and 6:30.

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    Huntsville Manager of Planning and Zoning Marie Bostick is the new executive director of the Land Trust of North Alabama. (PHOTO: Huntsville Times/al.com)
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