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Courtney is thrilled to continue her tour of Sweet Home Alabama at WHNT. You can catch her on the weekday morning show as a multimedia journalist Monday through Wednesday, and producing the weekend morning show.

Courtney’s love for this area started during her first job at WTVY in Dothan, AL. She began as an MMJ specifically covering the Florida Panhandle. During that time, Courtney won two Florida Associated Press Awards for Best Series Reporting and Best Hard News Feature. For Best Series Reporting, Courtney spoke one-on-one with present and former Florida prison inmates about their participation in re-entry programs. For Best Hard News Feature, she teamed up with a former co-worker for coverage of bodies being exhumed at the infamous Dozier School for boys in Marianna, Florida.

Courtney’s favorite part of working with WTVY was when she covered Dale County, AL as a bureau reporter. She says the friendships she made there, as well as those at the station, made the area feel like home.

Courtney was born a Yankee in her small hometown of Coshocton, OH, but she feels she was born to be a Southerner.

Before heading to Alabama, she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Communications and a minor in Public Relations from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. During her college years, Courtney enjoyed co-hosting a morning radio talk show with her good friend, anchoring the college’s student-run weekly newscast, being a member of the Student Government Association Slate and spending time with her Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters.

When she’s not trying to get the scoop on what’s happening in your neighborhoods, she enjoys exploring the area, catching up with her family in Ohio, visiting friends, volunteering, and trying to fulfill her New Year’s Resolutions of learning to cook and continuing to strengthen her faith.

In addition to news tips, Courtney is always looking for ways to develop roots in the community. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email her at courtney.crown@whnt.com, follow her on Twitter: @courtcrownwhnt, or add her on Facebook: Courtney Crown Whnt.

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