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Christine joined the WHNT News 19 team in July 2016 as our Interactive Content Reporter/Producer. She works to keep you in the loop and entertained on the web and on the air. She is an American-Canadian who loves lip balm, kickboxing, Indiana Jones, and lake life.

After spending four years at The Loveliest Village On The Plains, Christine began her post-grad career as a freelance news and production assistant for CNN in Atlanta. She has written and produced international and domestic stories, including a report on an archaeology project in the Ur region of Iraq and a feature piece on an Atlanta-based acupuncturist.

Christine was raised an Army brat and thrives in an ever-changing environment. Her interest in broadcast news stems from a combined passion for the performing arts and genuine conversation.

Favorite quote:
“Somebody kind, who touches your mind, will suddenly touch your heart.” -The Sound of Music

Recent Articles
  • Direct Primary Care offers an affordable alternative to health care

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Imagine a health care experience where you can text your doctors, spend an hour with them during unlimited monthly appointments, and feel like they personally know you and your family– all for an affordable flat-rate fee. It sounds too good to be true, but such a health care center is opening in Huntsville next week. Kendra Currie is a cancer patient and single mom to three active kids. Symptoms and accidents can come fast, and access to […]

  • Local World War II veteran celebrates 95th birthday with his daily workout

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — “It just means I tried. I did what they told me to—that’s the reason I’m here.” That’s what being a Marine veteran means to 95-year-old Terry O’Reilly. “I lost all of my buddies, all of them have died so far that I know of. So, I’m the only one left.” Tuesday, April 17, is his 95th birthday, and instead of taking the day off he’s at the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center in Jones Valley where he works out […]

  • This on-the-go dip clip will save you from sticky situations in your car

    We’ve probably all eaten a meal in the car before. While you never want to eat while driving, there’s nothing wrong with a passenger chowing down or a quick family meal in the rec field parking lot. And of course, sticky situations do happen. The Saucemoto is the in-car dip clip that claims to change the way you sauce on the go– reuniting flavor with food for those who appreciate in-car dining. The universal mount can attach to any air-vent, […]

  • VBC will now use metal detectors for all Propst Arena events

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Propst Arena at the Von Braun Center is taking after similar venues in bigger cities by implementing a new strategy to keep you safe. Starting this weekend, April 20th, 12 brand new metal detectors will be used for every single event held at the Propst Arena. But it’s not just the VBC that wants to keep guests and employees safe. This level of security is becoming an industry standard. “Live Nation, which is the world’s largest […]

  • Alabama-built missiles debut in launch on Syria

    TROY, Ala. —  Military strategists are still evaluating the effects of Friday night’s missile strike on the Syrian capital of Damascus. The attack targeted a hub for a chemical weapons program, and some of those missiles were built right here in Alabama. According to the Pentagon, a total of 105 missiles were fired from ships and aircraft from three different directions in the Friday night missile strike. Our news partners at AL.com have learned this strike debuted a Lockheed Martin air-launched […]

  • THIS WEEKEND: Heads-N-Tails Crawfish Boil returns to VBC South Hall, free event

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For its 8th consecutive year, the Heads-N-Tails Crawfish Boil is coming back to the South Hall of the VBC on Saturday, April 14, for a weekend of Cajun fun! This rain or shine event will have 5,000 pounds of crawfish that will be waiting for you and your family to come hungry. “The most important thing are the crawfish,” said Brooke Izzo with the VBC We have boiled crawfish, shrimp, fried crawfish, fried oysters, alligator tail, crawfish nachos, […]

  • The Westin Huntsville completes $7 million renovations

      HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After a year of construction, the Westin Hotel at Bridge Street has completed a $7 million upgrade, and now prides itself on being one of the top hotels in the entire state. “The key highlights are the reimagining of our Sage Bar and Grill, the great chandelier that’s a centerpiece of our lobby, our meeting space was completely refreshed, and our rooms product is really unlike anything else in the Huntsville market,” noted Andrew Dorough, General Manager. […]

  • DUE FRIDAY: Apply to be the artist for Huntsville’s next mural installation

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The city of Huntsville has been upping its mural game for the past couple of years now, and the next installation is expected this spring. What that mural will be and who the artist is is still up for grabs—with applications due this Friday. “We’re looking for something that is vibrant and exciting and really captures the creative spirit and innovative spirit of our community,” said Daniela Perallon with Arts Huntsville. “And it will be something, we hope, […]

  • Strawberries again top 2018’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ fruits and veggies

    (CNN) — Once again, strawberries top the list of the 12 “dirtiest” fruits and vegetables, according to the Environmental Working Group. Every year since 2004, the group — a nonprofit, nonpartisan environmental organization — ranked pesticide contamination in 47 popular fruits and vegetables for its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Pesticides include a wide array of chemicals that kill unwanted insects, plants, molds and rodents. Spinach is the second dirtiest item on the “Dirty Dozen” list, followed by (in order of […]

  • Work Zone Awareness is everyone’s responsibility

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s hard to drive around the constantly developing city of Huntsville without noticing or passing by road work. Now, it’s especially important that you pay attention. Gov. Ivey declared this week as National Work Zone Awareness Week in Alabama. “We respond to quite a few accidents in the construction zones,” said Don Webster with HEMSI. In 2016, there were nearly 3,000 work zone crashes in Alabama. Out of those, 18 people died, and almost 700 people were injured. […]

  • Transforming a soda can into a bottle seems too good to be true…and Snap Caps prove that it is

    Snap Caps are a plastic, reusable, snap-on top that can turn average-sized soda cans into bottles. They claim to spill-proof and keep your soda fresh longer. Once you’ve opened a can, hold it firmly, and with downward even pressure, push the cap down until you hear a snap! It seems to be a tight fit, but when we test its spill-proofability—it’s a let down right off the bat. We decided to at least have some fun with these leaky bottle […]

  • The popular Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail divides into two trail segments

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail has been a year-round part of downtown culture since summer of 2016, and as Huntsville grows, the trail has grown with it. The trail has been a draw for both Huntsvillians and visitors since its start– you visit each stop, get your card stamped, and when your card is full, you win a prize. It grew to 11 stops with the recent addition of Innerspace Brewing, and then some new rules […]