NASA awards Boeing & SpaceX contracts to transport astronauts to and from ISS
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Carri Walters is a producer here at WHNT News 19. Carri joined the WHNT News 19 team in June of 2012. She began working in the studio, but followed her passion of writing into the newsroom.

Carri is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she double majored in Communication and Journalism, with an emphasis in Media Studies.

She grew up in West Chicago, IL. She then lived in Boston, MA for a couple years after college before moving to the Tennessee Valley with her husband.

Carri is excited to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team and loves that she learns something new each time she comes in to work.

Recent Articles
  • fireworks

    Fireworks can trigger PTSD

    The pops and bangs of fireworks on the 4th of July are a way many people choose to celebrate America’s independence. But for some people, it can trigger frightening memories of combat. Vietnam War Veteran Everett Carter recalls a 4th of July 45 years ago: “I never forget it because some kids in the neighborhood fired off some firecrackers and fireworks late in the afternoon, and it brought it all back,” Carter remembers. “I actually ended up trying to get […]

  • Highway31 Wreck

    Driver flown to hospital after hitting utility pole

    MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur Police and Fire responded to a single vehicle wreck on Highway 31. It happened between Decatur and Hartselle at about 8:00 Tuesday evening. Authorities say the driver ran her car off the road, and down an embankment. It clipped a utility pole, breaking it in half. The car flipped over on top of the high-tension power lines. Emergency responders had to use equipment to tear the doors off the car to get the driver […]

  • wreck

    Three hurt in wreck in Limestone County

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Three people were hurt in a wreck Friday night. It happened around 8:45 p.m. on Highway 31, near Calhoun Community College. Alabama State Troopers say the person driving the car crossed two lanes of traffic. The car slide backward into an embankment.  Three people in the car were injured.  Two of them were sent to Huntsville Hospital. The other one was sent to Decatur General.

  • Calista Dixon, 5 years old (photo courtesy:

    Girl from north Alabama killed in Nebraska tornado

    (WHNT) — Two people were killed when tornadoes tore through the town of Pilger, Nebraska Monday night. One victim is a young girl who just moved there a few months ago with her family from north Alabama, that’s according to our news partners at 5 year old Calista Dixon died while trying to find a safe shelter with her family. 42 year old Kandi Murphees moved her three children to Pilger about four months ago from Huntsville for a […]

  • Water main break in northeast Huntsville

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Madison County Water System is reporting a large water main break on Winchester Road. The break is affecting the area from Naugher Road to the Flint River Bridge. There is no time frame yet of when repairs will be made. WHNT News 19 is working to gather more information on this water outage.          

  • Cabbage

    COOL: Athens third grader grows giant cabbage

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — What began as a little school project grew into a great family memory. Third grader at Johnson Elementary School, Cravyn Caldwell, took on a challenge from his teacher to grow a cabbage. Students can then enter their cabbage in the Bonnie Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. In March, Caldwell took the cabbage plant over to his grandparents’ house in Waterloo and they planted it in their garden. His grandfather helped make sure it was watered and […]

  • Courtesy: MGN Online

    Deal or Dud: Things to consider before you buy a product

    (WHNT) —    Many of you look forward to Deal or Dud, because the tests we do can save you money. Today, instead of testing out a product, we want to review some things to remember when you buy a product “you think” will help save time and money. Many of the items we test on Deal or Dud cost in the $10-$20 range. That may not seem like a huge sum of money to some of you, but $20  […]

  • (Photo courtesy: BODYGUARD Blanket)

    Bulletproof blanket designed to protect students

    EDMOND, Okla. (WHNT) — A father of two elementary school students designed a product to protect children in the event of a school shooting. The Sandy Hook school shooting inspired Steve Walker to create something that could protect his boys from a dangerous classroom intruder. He created the “Bodyguard Blanket” to do that. It’s a bullet resistant protective blanket. Kids can put it on like a backpack, and it will give them head-to-toe defense. It’s made out of the same […]

  • jobs

    Barrel-Making Jobs Coming to Lawrence County

    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – Jack Daniel’s Cooperage is seeking operator technicians for its new white oak barrel-making plant in Lawrence County. This is according to our news partners at The facility is designed for 200 workers in Lawrence County’s Mallard Fox West Industrial Complex. The positions start at $16 per hour. Workers must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, be at least 18 years old, have two years of industrial or manufacturing experience, have the ability to […]

  • bike2

    Facebook Bicycle Road Rage Videos Lead to Arrest

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Road Rage. Cyclist across the state say the type of verbal abuse heard in a recent set of viral videos posted by an irate Alabama driver is common. Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Piedmont man after he posted videos on his Facebook page showing his road rage toward bicyclists. In the video, you can hear the driver threatening to run the bicyclist off the road. He also yells at the cyclist as he passes him […]

  • Teenager Seriously Hurt After Being Hit by Car

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A teenage boy is in the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car. It happened just after 6:00 p.m. in Limestone County. Witnesses say the boy was walking home along Elk River Mill Road when he stepped in the way of two vehicles. The first was able to miss him, but the second did not stop in time. They say the boy was thrown into the air and seems to have serious […]

  • swearing

    Michigan Teenager Ticketed for Cursing

    A Michigan teenager who muttered a few choice words in a playground was ticketed for swearing. According to, Colin Andersen was upset that his friend had been ticketed for skateboarding and vented with, “This is (expletive) bull(expletive).” He claimed no children were around to hear it, but a police officer was. The $200 fine was for disorderly conduct. Andersen fought the ticket but lost, reported. Click here to read more.


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