Carri Walters is the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at WHNT News 19. Carri joined the WHNT News 19 team in June of 2012. She has played a variety of roles at the station. She started off working in the studio, but quickly followed her passion of writing into the newsroom where she worked as a producer. She’s now turned her focus to marketing, and is currently a happy member of our Sales team.

Carri is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she double majored in Communication and Journalism, with an emphasis in Media Studies.

She grew up in West Chicago, IL. She then lived in Boston, MA for a couple years after college before moving to the Tennessee Valley with her husband.

Carri is excited to be a part of the WHNT News 19 team and loves that she learns something new each time she comes in to work.

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    Fall Photo Gallery 2015

    View this year’s Fall Photos submissions.

  • snapdragon

    Snapdragons are annuals, but tend to live longer

    A snapdragon is technically an annual, meaning the plant is only expected to live and bloom for one season or year. However, many snapdragons tend to live and thrive for much longer than that. The plant can sometimes act more like a perennial, coming back to life year after year. Snapdragons are often planted with pansies in the fall. They bloom from October until about Thanksgiving. In late fall, shorter days cause them to stop blooming, but often the plant continues to grow […]

  • yellow-pansies-purple-kale

    Kale and Pansies are the perfect combo for your winter garden

    As the temperature is cooling off, and winter is moving in, it’s time to think about what to plant that will last from now until next spring. It’s nice to still have some color in your garden, but the plant needs to be hardy to handle the cold months. Pansies are usually a dependable option. They are the longest blooming annual in the southeast, and should thrive even during winter months. They come in a variety of colors and are typically […]

  • Assorted Pumpkins

    Unique pumpkins to add to your fall decor

    People like to decorate for the season with different plants, but not just any plant will do. Certain plants seem more fitting for certain seasons, such as poinsettia during the Christmas season and tulips in the springtime. For the fall, many people like to decorate with mums, pumpkins, and other gourds. In the past pumpkins were mainly sold to carve jack-o-lanterns, but now they come in so many colors and different looks that people use them for decoration on their […]

  • Assorted-Pansies

    Pansies are the longest blooming annual plant in the southeast

      Now that it’s getting cooler outside, it’s time to plant some Pansies. Pansies don’t do well in the heat. It tends to make them grow tall and leggy, causing them to flop over. So the cool weather of fall brings the perfect conditions. When you plant Pansies around this area in October, they typically grow well all the way through to the next May. They’re the longest blooming annual plant that you can find for this part of the […]

  • Red Azalea

    Encore Azaleas bloom multiple times throughout the year

    This is the very best time to plant Azaleas. A lot of Azaleas bloom in the springtime with a great display, and that’s all they’ll do for the year. But some Azaleas bloom in the spring, repeat bloom in the middle of the summer, and then bloom again in the fall. The group called Encore Azaleas are rebloomers. There are more than thirty varieties of Encore alone. Some are small plants, some grow to be medium sized, and some grow […]

  • Peppers with blooms

    Decorative plants for fall

    One sure sign that fall is now here is that several fruits, vegetables, and flowers are changing colors. When the apples turn red and the pumpkins turn orange it really begins to look like fall. Plants can sense what time of year it is and know when to act because of a process called photosynthesis. Basically, the plants sense the length of the day and that allows them to know when to bloom or when to get ready for the cold weather. […]

  • Japanese Persimmon

    Japanese Persimmons are best known for their fruit

      The Japanese Persimmon has glossy foliage and makes an excellent small tree. It grows quickly and is best known for its fruit. The fruit of the Japanese Persimmon is much larger than the Persimmon that is native to America. It is typically larger than a tangerine. The plant grows well in the north Alabama area, but this is about as far north as it can grow because a hard freeze could be damaging. Japanese Persimmons are self-fruitful, which means you only need one tree and don’t need […]

  • Japanese Anemone

    The Japanese Anemone: a hardy perennial that blooms in the fall

    It’s easy to assume that most plants put on their blooms in the springtime or in the summer. But there are actually several plants, like the Japanese Anemone, that are wonderful perennials that bloom in the fall. Japanese Anemones are also called Wind Flowers because the blossoms sway in the wind. There are several varieties. Most are different shades of pink while some are white. Japanese Anemone foliage is considered to be especially pretty. The blooms are graceful and meandering through […]

  • chinese cabbage

    It’s time to start thinking about fall vegetables

    Many people’s summer gardens grew really well this year. Some peppers and tomatoes may still be producing good fruits. But summer is nearly over, and as we head into fall there are lots of other things to grow. It’s about time to start thinking about your cool season vegetables. You can now replant your garden with a variety of other vegetables that don’t grow well in summer, but that will do great between now and Thanksgiving. Some of the veggies you should consider planting include: cabbage, […]

  • Mum 3

    Chrysanthemums are growing now to prepare to bloom this fall

    Summer is the time of year when Chrysanthemums tend to grow and increase in width. Mums don’t typically flower in the summer because they are a photosensitive plant. The plant can tell what time of year it is, and when it’s appropriate to bloom, by how long the sun is out each day. However, some mums will bloom a bit early. But because of the chance of warmer days ahead of us, an early blooming plant won’t bloom as much or […]

  • Dealing with weeds

    Types of weeds and how to treat them

    When you’ve worked hard to build a beautiful landscape along your property, there’s nothing like a beautiful lawn to finish it out. But weeds can take away from the beauty you’ve spent so much time working to create. Several common weeds found in the area include broad leaf weeds, like clover and Virginia Button Weed, as well as grass weeds, like Crab Grass. While all types of weeds are inconvenient, they are actually all very different and need to be […]


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