Carrie Marchese

Carrie Marchese joined the WHNT NEWS 19 team in September 2010 as the consumer/investigative reporter and anchor of WHNT NEWS 19 at Noon.

If there's one phrase to describe this west coast transplant, it's being relentless in the pursuit of truth. Carrie prides herself on taking action on stories that bring about real results. From digging through piles of paperwork, researching for hours on end, or taking viewer concerns to top officials, Carrie will do anything and everything possible to get the information viewers depend on.

"For me, it's about being a champion for those who get lost in the shuffle," said Carrie. "I want to expose wrongdoing, and show the viewers who they can trust, and who they cannot! That's how I want to make a difference."

Prior to moving to the Heart of Dixie, Carrie spent three years as an anchor/reporter at KRCR-TV in Redding, California. During her tenure, Carrie established herself as an investigative journalist who could get answers. One of the stories she's most proud of involved the battle over medical marijuana in a small county in northern California.

"It's a new type of gold rush out there," said Carrie. "Hundreds of people are moving to this rural county to legally grow and illegally sell medical marijuana. To make matters worse, there are only seven sheriff's deputies in the entire county, and the Sheriff admits he is virtually powerless to stop it."

Carrie's investigation gave a voice to dozens of homeowners in the area who felt they were being forced from their homes. The situation also caught the attention of several state officials who are implementing new marijuana regulations as a result of the story.

Another source of pride for Carrie is her extensive work with veterans, and the Missing in America Project. Carrie was the first reporter in northern California to highlight the work of this small group, who infiltrates funerals homes nationwide to find the ashes of local veterans whose courageous efforts to protect our country have long since been forgotten.

"This story changed me as a person," said Carrie. "One of the veterans we found served in the Korean War, and his remains had been sitting on a shelf in the back of a funeral home for years. His family didn't know where he was, and I was able to track down the family, and help them give their loved one a proper military funeral. It was an overwhelming experience."

Prior to California, Carrie worked at KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona as an assignment editor and writer/producer. She credits her time in Phoenix and work with the KPHO Investigative Team with sparking her passion for investigative journalism.

Carrie is a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Her work has also been recognized with the 2005 William Randolph Hearst Award, and the 2006 Society of Professional Journalists Award.

When not at work, you will likely find Carrie outside hiking or gardening. And don't be surprised if her little Shi Tzu, Zorro, is with her!

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