I grew up in Southern California. My family and I moved to Huntsville in 2000. My wife teaches high school. We have two sons, my younger son is a senior at Grissom High School. I’ve worked in newspapers for the past 23 years, as a reporter and editor. I’m still new to the TV news business, but WHNT is a great place to learn, filled with smart, dedicated people. I look forward to breaking news and telling great stories that make a difference in people’s lives. If you’ve got a news tip, a comment or a suggestion on what we can do better, I can be reached at brian.lawson@whnt.com

Recent Articles
  • City of Huntsville still unwilling to commit to release of body cam footage after years of denials

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City Attorney Trey Riley said city policy regarding release of police body cam videos is that it’s generally not done – but there could be exceptions. WHNT News 19 has made a number of requests for body cam videos, including in a number of officer-involved shootings, but each request has been denied by the City of Huntsville. Riley’s remarks followed an incident over the weekend where a bystander’s video appears to show a Huntsville Police Department officer […]

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pledges to regulate and clean up PFC chemicals founds in drinking water, Lawrence County could be site for visit

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it will begin a national push for more stringent regulation, enforcement, and cleanup of the PFC chemicals found in the drinking water of the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority that led to a health advisory in 2016. The EPA is holding a summit Tuesday and Wednesday in Washington, D.C. with representatives of 40 states – including Alabama – to discuss needs and planning to deal with the chemicals PFOA and PFOS. The […]

  • Family who sued over alleged Madison County Jail beating settles lawsuit with Sheriff, deputies

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  A lawsuit stemming from the alleged beating of a Madison County jail inmate in 2015 that spawned protests outside the jail, has been settled. The named plaintiff in the case, Haraesheo Rice, was killed during an encounter with the Huntsville Police Department last year, after he allegedly killed one man and shot another. The lawsuit alleges that Rice, who had numerous encounters with law enforcement, had mental health issues, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The lawsuit against […]

  • Authorities investigating Lawrence County shooting at former deputy’s business, no arrest made

    LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. — The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation is investigating a Thursday evening shooting in Lawrence County that took place at a cabinet shop off County Road 87, the agency confirmed today. The SBI was asked to investigate the case, because it involved a former Lawrence County deputy, Tim McWhorter. The shop where the incident took place is owned by McWhorter. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency sent out a news release on the case Friday afternoon: “On Thursday, May […]

  • Tweet calling Gov. Kay Ivey ‘gay,’ costs former Alabama legislator her new job heading Orlando LGBTQ group

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  A retiring Alabama legislator who tweeted Tuesday night that Gov. Kay Ivey was gay, will not be taking over as head of an Orlando-based LGBTQ group, the One Orlando Alliance announced Thursday. Ivey denied the claim Wednesday, calling it a “disgusting lie.” Longtime Jefferson County area Rep. Patricia Todd, a Democrat, had been hired to serve as the One Orlando Alliance’s executive director effective June 1, but its board voted Thursday to rescind that offer. The fateful […]

  • State has frozen Free2Be grant access, investigation ongoing, group has received $1.7 million since 2014

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The closing of Huntsville-based Free2Be’s offices across Alabama raised questions Monday and it became an issue in the governor’s race Tuesday. GOP candidate Scott Dawson, a Hoover evangelist, expressed concern that Free2Be received state grant dollars and called for an investigation into the group that provides counseling and other services to the LGBTQ community. Dawson aimed his criticism at Gov. Kay Ivey. “The Ivey Administration has betrayed Alabama values, by giving nearly $1 million dollars, taxpayer dollars to […]

  • Huntsville nonprofit Free2Be closes, unclear if operations will resume

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville-based nonprofit Free2Be closed Friday and it’s unclear when, or if, it will reopen. Callers to the organization’s Huntsville office Monday were greeted with a recording that said the agency is closed until further notice. But there has been no public statement from Free2Be, as of Monday evening, outlining the change. Free2Be provides free services including counseling, support groups and public advocacy to the LGBTQ community. The group’s founder, James Robinson, said today he left the position of […]

  • Federal prosecutors building illegal firearms cases across North Alabama, strategy aims to reduce neighborhood violence

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the U.S. Department of Justice has increased violent crime prosecutions to 25-year highs and gun prosecutions to 10-year-highs. Last year, Sessions directed all 94 U.S. Attorneys to target the most violent criminals in the most high-crime areas and the effort has been undertaken in north Alabama. The strategy calls for using existing laws to bring federal charges, which often lead to longer prison terms than state charges. Jay Town, the U.S. Attorney for […]

  • Spencer Collier’s lawsuit against former Gov. Robert Bentley heating up, Bentley deposition set for June

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — There has been a flurry of activity in the lawsuit filed by former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency head Spencer Collier against former Gov. Robert Bentley and others. The announcement by special prosecutor Ellen Brooks that a Montgomery-based grand jury was ending its investigation into the governor’s office under Bentley without additional charges, meant one potential court battle was over. But it also cleared the way for the next battle — a lawsuit from the state’s former top law […]

  • Widening of I-565 now an issue in Alabama governor’s race, but state DOT records say help is a long way off

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Frustrated commuters who regularly drive in heavy traffic on I-565 may be relieved to hear those traffic problems are now an issue in the Alabama governor’s race. But Alabama Department of Transportation records – so far – suggest it could be a long time before any relief is delivered. The timing will grow in importance since the Toyota-Mazda plant will be located off I-565. That means some 4,000 workers will be added to the traffic flow in the […]

  • GOP gubernatorial hopeful Tommy Battle says it’s ‘reasonable’ to ask Gov. Kay Ivey to release her medical information

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — With four weeks until the Alabama primaries, the GOP rivals to Gov. Kay Ivey are breaking out a new campaign tool – notes from their doctors. The issue of candidate health was first raised by Alabama Sen. Bill Hightower, R-Mobile, April 27, when he released his medical records. He avoided directly criticizing Ivey, but suggested as a voter he’d wonder why a candidate wouldn’t release their medical records. Hightower is 57. Republican gubernatorial candidates Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle […]

  • U.S. Sen. Doug Jones plans to return Rosie O’Donnell campaign donation that exceeded federal limits

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — U.S. Democratic Senator Doug Jones’ campaign said today it would return a $2,700 contribution from comedian Rosie O’Donnell that exceeded federal campaign spending limits for a single election. Federal law allows a $2,700 contribution per race — say a primary and runoff — but O’Donnell’s listed Sept. 28 contributions came well after the Democratic primary in Alabama’s Special Election. The issue was first flagged by the New York Post and the paper quoted O’Donnell saying she expected […]