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Al Whitaker joined the WHNT News 19 news team in September, 2012, following a decade as the Media Relations Director at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

"The Space Center kept me close to journalism, getting to work with producers, photographers and reporters from all over the world, but I missed the work and jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the 19 News team," Al says.

Aside from the stint at the Space Center, Al has spent his entire career in broadcasting, starting with an AM radio transmitter he built from a kit at age 7 (learning rather quickly that a wire stretched across the roof of his parent's home greatly enhanced the range of the little rig), to those first paying jobs in radio at WANA and WDNG in Anniston while still at Anniston High School.

After college, he worked as News Director at WEYY in Talladega before moving "home" to North Alabama to become News Director at WQLT and then at WVNA.

It was during that time Al made the jump to television journalism and over the years has gained experience as a reporter, photographer, and even News Director, winning a number of awards along the way for both his photography and his reporting.

Al covers Limestone, Morgan and Lawrence Counties exclusively. He and his wife, Kim, live in Elkmont. Together they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

You can reach Al on Facebook or email al.whitaker@whnt.com and on Twitter @noozguy.

Recent Articles
  • Decatur city budget $1.6M short

    DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The City of Decatur faces a huge budget shortfall next year. This is the time of year when local governments are knee-deep in financial planning for the following year, and Decatur faces some big problems. Everyone knows there will probably be cuts. The question is where, and how much? Right now, the deficit looks like it could be more than $1.6 million. We spoke with Mayor Don Kyle Thursday afternoon and he explained expenses are up […]

  • A Heart Beat Away Clinic offers concierge medicine in Decatur

    DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – What if you could pay a small monthly fee to be able to visit your medical clinic as often as you wanted – at no additional charge? It’s called concierge medicine, and a number of clinics are adopting the practice at a rate most anyone could afford. “We’re here to serve people who need health care and are unable to afford it.” Kimberly Samuel is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, and her new clinic is unique […]

  • Limestone County man found guilty of murder; argument was over 2 DVD movies

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) –  Kenny Dewayne Adams was found guilty late Wednesday afternoon of stabbing his cousin to death on New Years Eve in 2012, during an argument over a pair of borrowed DVD movies. He never denied stabbing Yancey Foster to death during a struggle in Foster’s mobile home, but claimed all along the killing was in self defense. However, prosecutors say there was clear intent to kill Foster. The question of intent remained crucial in the minds of […]

  • Hartselle considers layoffs to cope with less TVA funding

    HARTSELLE, ALA. (WHNT) – Some Hartselle city employees may soon be out of a job.  Hartselle Mayor Don Hall says a budget deficit may leave them no choice but to eliminate a number of jobs. Mayor Hall says Hartselle’s budget problems are the direct result of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s declining electricity sales. The TVA has seen a steady reduction in the demand for electricity for several years. As a result, their in-lieu-of-tax payments to local governments has also been […]

  • County-wide alcohol sales proposed for Limestone

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Petitions will be circulating soon calling for a liquor referendum that would affect all of Limestone County. Alcoholic beverages are already available in the incorporated areas of the county, but this measure would expand that to include the entire county. Proponents say it would mean more money for schools and road improvements. Of course, it’s not a question of being able to get a drink in limestone county. It’s more of a question of how far […]

  • Kenny Dewayne Adams escorted into Limestone County Judicial Center by his defense attorneys Monday afternoon. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

    Killed over borrowed movies, Kenny Dewayne Adams on trial this week for stabbing death of his cousin

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – A Limestone County murder case that began over a pair of borrowed movies went to trial today. Kenny Dewayne Adams is charged with the stabbing death of his cousin, yancey foster. Prosecutors say Adams killed his cousin in cold blood but defense attorneys will claim it is a case of self defense. Defense attorneys will concede during the trial that Kenny Dewayne Adams did in fact kill his cousin, Yancey Metz Foster. It happened on New […]

  • Detra Smith's family Bible found unharmed in the rubble of her burned business. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

    Family heirloom found in rubble of burned business

    MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) –  Detra Smith has been a hair stylist in the Moulton area for many years. But earlier this summer, someone broke into her salon and set the place on fire to cover it up. Detra told us then that most everything in there could be replaced, except for just a few very personal items. It wasn’t until the day after the fire that Detra even realized she’d been the victim of a theft. The burglar tried to […]

  • Sessions blasts Obama administration for Iraqi violence

    ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was in Athens Thursday. He toured the Steelcase manufacturing facility but afterwards spoke with reporters about the growing problem with ISIS and the murder of an American journalist. Senator Jeff Sessions says the United States simply pulled out of Iraq much too soon. “I’m really worried about Iraq,” Sessions told reporters. He added, “It wasn’t too long ago, just a few years, that country had a stable government, had the […]

  • Brewer High School’s ice bucket challenge raises $1,100 for ALS research

    SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We’ve all seen these ice water challenges here on the news and all over the internet. But we saw one today that we thought was rather special. It happened at Brewer High School in Morgan County, and WHNT News 19 was there. A lot of buckets to fill. “We have a student, her father is fighting ALS,” explained Brewer High School Principal Jeremy Childers. He went on, “She came to me last Friday and said she […]

  • Lawrence County School Superintendent Heath Grimes, surrounded by staff and students, announce this year's ACT test scores in front of Moulton Elementary School. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

    Lawrence County Schools post impressive ACT Test score improvements

    MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – A lot of Alabama schools are talking about their most recent ACT test scores today, but in Lawrence County, they are celebrating. Students there recorded the largest increase in test scores in many years, one of the largest increases in the state! But their excitement is tempered with the reality of what may lie ahead for the school system. Lawrence County School Superintendent Heath Grimes was so excited about the test scores, he gathered students and […]

  • Calhoun’s new apprenticeship program paying dividends for students and industry alike

    LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – What if you could enroll in college and be guaranteed a part-time job while studying and then full-time work once you graduate? Toyota first came up with the idea but now it has spread to other industries, creating a number of opportunities for people looking for not just a job, but a career. This is the first group of students to enroll in the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprentice Program at Calhoun Community College. More than […]

  • International Paper at Courtland closed earlier this year. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

    International Paper donates to Lawrence County Schools

    MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – When International Paper closed its mill in Courtland earlier this year, it meant the end of some 1,100 jobs. The lost tax revenue has hit the county’s school system especially hard. International Paper is giving the school system thousands of dollars worth of furniture and supplies it no longer needs. School officials say they’re grateful but it doesn’t come close to what the system has lost. We only saw a few of the items at Lawrence […]


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