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Al Whitaker joined the WHNT News 19 news team in September, 2012, following a decade as the Media Relations Director at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

“The Space Center kept me close to journalism, getting to work with producers, photographers and reporters from all over the world, but I missed the work and jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the 19 News team,” Al says.

Aside from the stint at the Space Center, Al has spent his entire career in broadcasting, starting with an AM radio transmitter he built from a kit at age 7 (learning rather quickly that a wire stretched across the roof of his parent’s home greatly enhanced the range of the little rig), to those first paying jobs in radio at WANA and WDNG in Anniston while still at Anniston High School.

After college, he worked as News Director at WEYY in Talladega before moving “home” to North Alabama to become News Director at WQLT and then at WVNA.

It was during that time Al made the jump to television journalism and over the years has gained experience as a reporter, photographer, and even News Director, winning a number of awards along the way for both his photography and his reporting.

Al covers Limestone, Morgan and Lawrence Counties exclusively. He and his wife, Kim, live in Elkmont. Together they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

You can reach Al on Facebook or email al.whitaker@whnt.com and on Twitter @noozguy.

Recent Articles
  • Panel discusses local opioid crisis

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There is no simple or singular solution to the opioid crisis facing the United States. At least, that was the consensus at a panel discussion in Huntsville Friday, sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug Free Community. One panelist, Madison County Coroner Tyler Berryhill, told the audience, “From 2015, we were seeing a drug related death occur once every 7 days in Madison County. In 2017, we are seeing a drug related death occur once every five […]

  • A Taking Action Investigation: The Mayor Strikes Again!

    JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – Electrical problems, plumbing issues, and shoddy workmanship. This is what retired nurse Wanda Smith found herself living with after hiring a contractor. That remodeling job left her home in worse shape than when it started. The man she hired was none other than Hollywood Mayor Jerry Adkins. But she’s not the only one having trouble. Once our first story aired in May, we began hearing from some of his other customers. They tell us the mayor […]

  • Trial date set for lawsuit over Tennessee River pollution

    MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – It’s almost two years away but a court date has finally been set regarding the pollution in the Tennessee River. If successful, the lawsuit could lead to major efforts to clean up the river in and around Decatur. But there are still some major hurdles yet to overcome. Decatur Utilities’ waste water treatment plant has a state permit to dump an unlimited quantity of chemical compounds known as PFC’s directly into the river. That includes the […]

  • #GoPlayHSV: July is Parks and Recreation Month in Huntsville

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Okay, we all work pretty hard, right? Well, sometimes you just have to take a little time and chill out. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle Wednesday morning proclaimed July is Park and Recreation Month in the Rocket City. To help promote the city’s many recreational opportunities, and facilities, there’s a challenge – complete with prizes. Mayor Battle says recreational opportunities equate directly to the area’s quality of life. “Whether it’s our 27 miles of greenways, or whether it’s […]

  • WHNT Taking Action to expose yet another scam

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Yet another scam to tell you about. This one comes in an email and targets people who are looking for a job. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to expose these thieves. Normally this type of email gets caught in the spam filter, but somehow this one made it through. The email said it was from Anderson Marcus and he wanted to send more information about “the proposal.” We sent him the phone number for the local […]

  • Map tells stories of opioid victims, and it already has its first faces in Alabama

    Today, just like every day, an estimated 91 Americans will die of an opioid overdose. Some states report more lives are lost to opioid overdose than in automobile accidents. And it’s not just teenagers. It`s moms, dads, even grandparents. It has been 10 years now since Jeremiah Lindemann lost his younger brother, J.T., to an opioid overdose. For years, Jeremiah mourned his brother’s death quite privately. Until one day he realized J.T.’s death could help someone else to live. And […]

  • Man maps the trail of pain left by opioid epidemic, and we followed it to Alabama

    It has been 10 years now since Jeremiah Lindemann lost his younger brother, J.T., to an opioid overdose. For years, Jeremiah mourned his brother`s death privately. Until one day he realized J.T.`s death could help someone else to live. And that`s how Jeremiah`s Map came to be, cataloging people lost to opioid addiction. As word of the map spread on social media, one by one more buttons appeared, each a tribute to and a face behind the epidemic. If you […]

  • Taking Action: Unlicensed contractor leaves a trail of unfinished work

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Alabama has a problem with unlicensed and unscrupulous contractors. It’s one of the more common complaints we hear in the newsroom, home repair ripoffs. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to help a local family deal with their contractor and exposed the damage he’s left behind. Typically, your home will be your largest single investment.  Stormi Steele and her husband, Courtney, hired a contractor to repair some water damage in their home. But now, the couple says […]

  • Marshall kicks off campaign for Attorney General

    GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – Alabama’s Attorney General Steve Marshall kicked off his campaign for office Monday afternoon in Guntersville. “Montgomery allows me the opportunity to change policy in a way that impacts the lives of people, makes communities safer but yet it’s still about relationships, it’s about integrity, and making sure that we demonstrate ethics from our office as we fight public corruption around the state,” Marshall told reporters. He mentioned the Fair Justice Act that passed this session of the […]

  • Regional Spine & Wrist Center doctor faces allegations of overprescribing medications

    Editor’s Note: WHNT News 19 received a letter from an attorney representing Dr. Welker pointing out alleged issues in our reporting the following story. In reviewing the claims, we have updated this story to clarify that Dr. Welker’s certificate to prescribe certain medications has been suspended pending a hearing and have changed the initial story headline.  We also removed a sentence that stated Welker “is not practicing medicine now.”  MADISON, Ala. – Another North Alabama doctor is in trouble, accused […]

  • TVA using helicopters for high voltage line repairs

    HOLLYWOOD, Ala. – The Tennessee Valley Authority is embracing a relatively new tool in their efforts to cut expenses while keeping the power grid up and running. It requires some very special training for the linemen who climb the tall towers. It would normally take a half hour for a lineman to climb one of the tall transmission towers. But now they’re learning how to do it in a matter of seconds. The trick is not to climb the tower. […]

  • Pomp and Circumstance, Coach Trevor graduates!

    HARVEST, Ala. – Trevor Landers has been a fixture on the sidelines of Madison County High School football games years. Despite having a disability, he is very active with the team, that’s how he earned the nickname “Coach Trevor.” He captured everyone’s hearts and last year the team and coaches did something special.  Coach Trevor was called from the sidelines to drive one home. Coach Trevor’s story is about the heart of the game, about what it really means. It’s about […]