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  • Delta passenger kicked off flight after bathroom emergency

    MILWAUKEE – Passengers recorded video of a man being kicked off a Delta flight to Milwaukee last week after he used the bathroom while the plane was preparing for takeoff. Kima Hamilton says the plane was delayed and he couldn’t wait any longer to use the restroom. “Sometime later, we’re still taxied. The plane hadn’t moved and it’s at an emergency stage now,” he said. Fellow passenger and lawyer Krista Rosolino was sitting next to Hamilton and started recording because […]

  • Boys caught on video doing ‘the right thing to do’

    LAYTON, Utah – If you found money on the ground, would you keep it or turn it in? Fox 13 viewer Becky Squire shared this video of her boys, Eli and Bronx, doing the right thing. Squire said her boys found cash outside a neighbor’s house. Jennifer Arismendi captured their adorable discussion about what to do with their recent windfall. Eli: “Do you want to do the right thing to do or keep it?” Bronx: “Do the right thing to do.” […]

  • Johnny Depp stuns fans on Disneyland’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – Johnny Depp surprised fans at Disneyland, by popping up on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride in his full Capt. Jack Sparrow costume. The actor was waving his cutlas and talking to riders with his patented British slur on Wednesday night, not far from the animatronic versions of his character that appear throughout the ride. Identical twins Sarah and Rebecca Saryan sailed right up to him and he told everyone to jump into the water, so he […]

  • McDonald’s to phase out Hi-C Orange from menu, replace with new drink

    Say goodbye to Hi-C Orange at McDonald’s. The fast-food chain will begin phasing out the beverage on May 1, according to a memo posted this week on Reddit. A representative for McDonald’s told Eat This, Not That that all locations will stop carrying the drink after July. According to the memo, the chain is introducing a new “proprietary” beverage called Sprite TropicBerry that will be served exclusively at McDonald’s locations. It’s part of the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola. McDonald’s website […]

  • Utah family warns of terrifying ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam

    OGDEN, Utah — A Utah mother and father have a serious warning for parents everywhere: Beware of a scam called, “virtual kidnapping.” Last Wednesday, Jeff Weber was driving his work vehicle when his cell phone rang from an unknown number. He did not answer. But then it rang again with the same unknown number. He answered it. “I heard a young girl crying saying ‘daddy, daddy I’m scared,’ then the kid voice went away and a man came on and […]

  • Museum’s catfish catches pacifier dropped in tank

    NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – A catfish at a Virginia museum got the catch of the day! A young guest dropped a pacifier in the Virginia Living Museum’s Cypress Swamp exhibit and an albino catfish started sucking on the pacifier. Luckily, Virginia Living Museum staff rescued the pacifier and returned it to the guest…but not before capturing a priceless picture!

  • ‘Stealthing’ trend: Men encourage other men to take off condoms during sex

    DENVER — A study is exploring evidence suggesting more men are practicing a dangerous sex trend called ‘stealthing’. The disturbing practice increases the risk of pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Lawmakers and criminal justice experts across the country say more needs to be done to protect men and women from the practice of gay and straight men removing condoms during sex without consent. “Absolutely, it is assault — it is rape,” Colorado State Sen. Rhonda Fields said. […]

  • Captive Ohio woman rescued from pit in neighbor’s yard

    BLANCHESTER, Ohio — Police found a woman trapped in a pit behind her neighbor’s home in the Cincinnati area early Wednesday. After a resident reported hearing someone crying early Wednesday morning, officers rescued 30-year-old Jennifer Elliott from a hole in the ground hidden inside a shed, according to WCPO.  A wooden board was covering the pit behind 113 Central Ave., and heavy objects were placed on the board to hold it down, police said. Elliott, who appeared to be suffering a seizure […]

  • Couple married nearly 70 years pass away just minutes apart

    SKOKIE, Ill. – Issac and Teresa Vatkin were holding hands when they passed away this weekend. Their daughter Clara, who immigrated to the United States with her parents in the 1960s from Argentina, shared the story of their enduring 69-year marriage. “They were wonderful people. They were in love,” Clara says. “Never let a fight divide you, separate you. Never go to bed angry. Make sure you kiss each other when you go to bed. Those are the things that […]

  • 7-year-old gives mom ‘totally legit note’ signed by ‘the school’

    EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah — A handwritten note, carefully crafted by a 7-year-old Utah boy, was meant to trick his parents into letting him play video games all night – and if they didn’t he’d be kicked out of school. Nathan Anderson’s mom, Lori, found the note on her counter last week and here’s what it said: Dear parents. Nathan has been doing good in all his classes except for video game class! If he does not stay up all night […]

  • Jimmy John’s is bringing back $1 sub day

    In just a week, a Jimmy John’s sub sandwich can be yours for one just one dollar. The sandwich chain announced the news on social media Tuesday, to the delight of many. DOLLAR SUB DAY AT PARTICIPATING JIMMY JOHN’S LOCATIONS! MAY 2ND 4PM-8PM #REALNEWS — Jimmy John's (@jimmyjohns) April 25, 2017 But what sandwiches are included? Subs #1 – #6 for a buck, they say. @BennyBean75 #1-#6! — Jimmy John's (@jimmyjohns) April 25, 2017 You can find out if your […]

  • United’s latest headache is a 3-foot-long dead rabbit

    United Airlines’ latest headache is a 3-foot-long one: A giant rabbit traveling from London Heathrow to Chicago’s O’Hare was found dead in the cargo hold upon arrival, though his owner tells the Sun a pre-flight vet’s check revealed Simon was “fit as a fiddle. Something very strange has happened and I want to know what,” says Annette Edwards. “I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before.” Things like this do happen, though, but rarely, […]