LIVE COVERAGE: Severe storms are approaching the TN Valley.
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Olivia joined WHNT News 19 in August 2016 as a multimedia journalist in the Sand Mountain area. She started her career as a photographer at WTXL in Tallahassee, Florida but eventually moved into the role of MMJ.

The Georgia native developed a passion for journalism in high school, producing Hawk Talk TV. She later went on to Valdosta State University (GO Blazers!!!), where she received a B.F.A. in Mass Media. While at VSU, Olivia was actively involved in her university’s news show, News Valdosta. She was a photographer for Valdosta’s Video Production Services, covering various campus events. Olivia also became a member of the MOST ILLUSTRIOUS organization on campus, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Olivia enjoys spending most of her free time either outdoors hiking or indoors at a mall or shopping center. She’s obsessed with all things of the ARTS, specifically theater and musicals. When it comes to sports, GO CELTICS. Enough said. Also, Olivia loves to travel and visit new places, which is why she is beyond thrilled to explore Sand Mountain and the Rocket City!

If you have a news tip, story idea or maybe even an amazing recipe, feel free to contact me at

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  • Jackson County EMA is warning residents to stay safe from potential flooding

    JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The key to facing severe weather is a preparedness plan. When severe weather threatens with possible flooding, it’s important to know the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning. “When you have a watch it means flooding is possible. If it’s a warning, it means that flooding has already occurred or is expected to occur,” says Michael Ashburn, Director of the Jackson County EMA. If a flood does occur the very first thing you should […]

  • The city of Woodville is getting its first storm shelter for residents

    WOODVILLE, Ala. – “We are very pleased to get this grant from the Alabama Emergency Management.” The impact of previous storms influenced the need behind the shelter. “There was a really bad tornado in 2011 and really our citizens didn’t have anywhere to go,” says Brenda Austin, the municipal clerk of Woodville. Woodville School already has two, but they still needed a safe place and enough space for residents. Just in case an emergency happened during school. “The process started when […]

  • Constructors For Christ helps rebuild a church in Rosalie

    ROSALIE, Ala. – Constructors For Christ started back in the 70’s, when they took a trip to Indiana to rebuild a church cabin. “And we thought it would just be a one year deal but we got back and talked about it and we decided to try it again,” said Marlin Paulson of Constructors For Christ. Starting with 13 families they now have over 300. Rosalie Baptist Church is the 42nd year that they’ve made a building. “All we ask of […]

  • Harvest Haunted Attraction is coming to Scottsboro this fall

    SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Have you ever passed this building on Willow Street and wondered what it was? Well you’re looking at one of Scottsboro’s newest tourism spots, Harvest Haunted Attraction. “The nationally known sports artist Greg Gamble has kind of branched out from his usual thing, doing sports art and he’s decided to open up a haunted house,” says Fairen Cooley, director of operations. The building is broken down into two parts. “This particular building is going to be the entertainment section […]

  • The city of Woodville has a new fire station

    WOODVILLE, Ala. – The original fire station, old and outdated. So the city was ready for something new. “We have been working here for about 15 years saving money, trying to get grants and doing different things like that,” says Mayor Steve Helms. After saving where they can and getting a loan from the bank.. “We have a 5,000 square foot facility right here now, which houses all of our equipment,” says Mayor Helms. It includes all the works, like a kitchen […]

  • Storm activity causes a tree to fall on a woman’s house in Douglas

    DOUGLAS, Ala. – Mary Armstrong was in her home Thursday evening, trying to finish dinner before the storm hit. “I heard a loud noise. I went to the door. I opened the door and I seen the tree on my house,” says Mary. She didn’t think much about it so she continued dinner. Her son, from next door, noticed the tree on the house and urged her to leave. “And I said wait just a minute, I’ll be out in just a minute.” […]

  • Scottsboro Summer Fest 2017 will be this Saturday at Goose Pond Colony

    SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – “My wife and I decided that there wasn’t enough going on in the city of Scottsboro and we felt like we had the means to do something,” says Jimmy Coble, CEO of Coble Productions and founder of the event. Five local artists will take center stage Saturday for Scottsboro Summer Fest. “We first started with our bands. We own Busters Pub and Grill in town and we had several of the bands play in there,” says Coble. “And […]

  • Stevenson unveils a new historical marker for Averyville

    STEVENSON, Ala. – It’s a community with a history that was almost looked over. “It needed to be permanently remembered,” says Jen Stewart, secretary of the Jackson County Historical Association. The history of Averyville was unknown to the Jackson County Historical Association, until they were approached by Eddie Davis, a professor at Alabama A&M. “He was writing a book on Dr. Councill and wanted to know what we knew about Averyville and we said nothing,” says Stewart. From there the […]

  • Macklin Baptist Church is still trying to recover after Rosalie tornadoes

    ROSALIE, Ala. – “We call this the triple wide chapel of love now.” It’s a night Pastor Wilborn won’t forget. “I was at home the night a tornado came through and I received a text message from a friend that I got in Bryant and he said that your church had been hit in tornado.” After several similar calls and texts, Pastor Michael Wilborn decided to go ahead check on the church. “What is normally about a 15 minute drive from […]

  • Rosalie continues to recover after November tornadoes

    ROSALIE, Ala. – “For a small tornado, it caused quite a bit of damage.” The immediate response was to the help the residents first. “We were just trying to get people in the dry,” explained Mike Ashburn, director of the Jackson County EMA. But Ashburn knew the city would need major help after this storm. “We joined with DeKalb County who also had the same tornadoes that same day and asked for money from the governor’s emergency relief fund.” For what seemed […]

  • Hollywood principal does basketball trick videos for students over the summer

    HOLLYWOOD, Ala. – “Of course I’ve always loved basketball.” It’s more than just a sport for this family. “I played in high school. My wife is from Pisgah and she won a basketball state championship. Of course my kids had no choice but to play basketball,” says Michael Wilborn, Principal of Hollywood School. He spends a lot of time in the gym with his daughters MaKenna and MyCaiden, both stars of championship teams at Hollywood. “Neither one of them has ever […]

  • Rainsville City Council discusses city owned alleyways in between residential properties

    RAINSVILLE, Ala. – Mims, Bowman, and Hicks are three different Rainsville neighborhoods with city owned alleys. “Some of the residents in town had came to us and requested the alleyways be returned to the owners that a joined it,” says Mayor Roger Lingerfelt. They were originally constructed for the use of garbage pickup. With routes re-worked, they’re no longer needed. So owners are wanting the space back. “They would increase their property, the amount of property they have. They will be able […]